Rachel Jenae

The Big 3.0.

Thought I’d share a few pictures from my wonderfully, fabulous 30th birthday festivities.  It was such a sweet time with a small group of most of my closest and dearest friends and not to mention my mom surprised me and came in town as well!

The entire weekend was actually a surprise and most of the time I was only told what we were doing once we were on our way. I was given little gifts all throughout the weekend, totaling 30. We hit up the Ft. Worth Rodeo friday night. Then went to brunch, pedicures, shopping and a great dinner on Saturday with a few additional close friends.

Most of my closest friends are from different seasons of life and completely different circles, so one of the funnest parts was watching them all connect and love each other just as much as I love them. I found myself several times throughout the weekend pausing and amazed at the incredibly, amazing friends God has somehow surrounded my life with. Deep friends.  Friends whose hearts radiate such love, in so many different ways, each pulling something out of me. Teaching me. Challenging me to love more sacrificially. Challenging me to be bold. To give grace more freely. To rest more often. To be more adventurous. To be more intentional. To encourage more. To dream more. To give more. They each add so much richness to my life and each show me a different aspect of the heart of God.

This weekend filled my love bucket to deep depths and THANK YOU to each of you who gave and participated in making this such a sweet birthday! From the planning details, to small gifts, to the extended quality time, to…oh ya, a ton of friends collaborated and gave me money to get a Kelly Moore camera bag!!! (Something I’ve wanted for a good while) Thank you! Not sure a girl could feel more special!

Hello 30’s!!!!!