Rachel Jenae

The Beautiful Thing About Girlfriends!

This past weekend I drove up to northwest Arkansas to spend the weekend with my close girlfriends from college (John Brown University days).  It has been 2 years since we’ve all met up and since then there have been 2 new births and a marriage!  I love these girls!  I love what they remind me! I love who they are!  I love that each one is so different and yet we all mesh so well together!  It’s like we just pick up where we left off 2 years ago and jump right in! 
It’s a wonderful feeling when we all get together!  Kind of like a perfect little world, except that we all have our “own little worlds” to return to after it’s over.  It’s like just for a few short days we’re all on the mountain top…just soaring.  Awh.  You can’t stay on the mountain top forever, but it’s a great reminder of God’s glory revealed in our relationships and what great relationships can look like.
Each girl brings something different to the table and after watching all 7 of us the first night I realized it seems we all draw the best out of each other.  It feels like a sweet spot in life.  Or, my niche, since I can really only speak for myself.  We can one minute be talking about something completely silly and ridiculous and the next minute be having the best deep conversation about the Lord.  Do we all agree on everything? No.  Do we all believe the same things?  No, probably not, but even at those times we are able to talk and share our hearts with the trust that the most important thing is each other and love.  I feel like I learn to love better when I’m around these girls and my heart leaves refreshed and encouraged.
So below are pictures from the weekend.  I stopped and played with my niece and nephew some on Friday and also went by my old college.  It was an incredible weekend!

JBU’s chapel… the inside is beautiful as well!

The Campus…

And then on to the real fun… the nephew!
The shirt was perfect!

He’s a Stud!

But here… he just looks too old :(

We worked on some baseball…
And then, Andrew was a little far off, but as he got closer I could hear him saying, ‘oh, yes, me Yoda, oh yes’ and some other jibberish.  It’s was hilarious!

He might be the cutest nephew in the world!

Me and Kylie
Lisa and Quinn…baby bumps!
Kylie and Laura
Christie and I
Laura and Lisa
Then we went shopping! 
Then to eat at our favorite place, Marketplace!


Sunday morning, we all opted to skip rushing around and going to church and just went for a beautiful walk and hung out more before getting back on the road.
Sunday, all of us getting up and around.

Quin’s little girl, Stella, who joined in our girl fun all weekend!

Kylie, made us homemade cinnamon rolls for both mornings… she reassured me they were fat free…

I’m already missing these girls like crazy and cant’ wait for our next girls weekend!