Rachel Jenae

Travel: Peru, Peru!

The Church in Peru is beautifully alive and we pray to fan the flame of what God is doing any way that we can. Each place we went God was so faithful to meet us and it’s amazing to meet what instantly feels like family across the globe and hear Gods heart to encourage them. We shared with church leaders, church volunteers, schools, mothers and children and it was an incredibly sweet trip.

Peru, you introduced us to so many beautiful people. You are surrounded by countries in pain and chaos and have opened your doors to embrace them. God is moving in and through you more than you know and I’m grateful for the opportunity to link arms with you and continue praying for you long after we return home. We received two unexpected bonus days and I think this trip will be much the same and continue to unpack other surprise bonuses in the days and weeks to come. Until next time. ❤️

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