Rachel Jenae

If Just for a While

Some things in life are just offered to us for a season (don’t worry this blog won’t be as sad and depressing as yesterdays) and we get to enjoy and grow from them just long enough to get us on track and get us through some things that maybe we didn’t know we would would need that badly.  They show us things that we vitally needed to see and would help us through some of the many life transitions
Last night we had a ‘house’ meeting and Diana broke the news to us that there’s a good chance she could be moving in the next couple weeks back to Austin to finish up cosmetology school.  I know she was a little apprehensive in telling us that bills could be changing in just a few weeks, but as she shared how all of her questions and worries were just being answered and put in place we knew it was a good move for her. 
It wasn’t until I was in bed and processing our meeting that I realized what this meant. 
Each of my roommates add so much to my life.  They are incredible. Angela, I’ve lived with for about 16 months and Diana only 9 months. They both are amazing women of God seeking out the Father’s heart in every area of their lives and hold such a dear place in my heart. The Lord has used them to encourage me time and time again and see a part of God that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. We are all so different and at very different places of life, but it works. Ang is the most layed back, loyal friend who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but doesn’t feel she has to.  She brings a perspective to discussions that I wouldn’t think of and has a compassion for people that inspires me.  Diana is one of the wisest most mature 20 year olds I’ve ever known.  She walks in a humble confidence and lives daily walking out what the Bible actually says.  Both of my roommates have gone through incredible loss in their personal lives, but their lives are not defined by it.  Maybe that is part of why they love so deeply and so sincerely. 
I had my worries and concerns when Diana was about to move in last July.  Her and Angela had been very close friends and I was afraid of our comfortable little home being invaded with change.  Once again I was thinking completely of me, selfishly, and how MY comfort would be disrupted.  Little did I know what God had in store.  (oh I think there might be a life message right there on embracing change)
Up until Christmas I rarely saw Diana.  She worked early mornings and by the time I got off work she was gone to night school and when she got home she was usually on the phone with her boyfriend or I was already in bed.  She was also gone most weekends right up until after Christmas when her and the very serious boyfriend broke up.  Somewhere amidst all of her life transitions and all of mine something happened.  I found in her a younger version of myself untainted by the fear of man and the discouragement of unmet and unfulfilled dreams.  I found a friend who loved outdoors and what God unveiled through it, as much as I did.  I found someone who loves running, challenge and risk, more than comfort.  I discovered someone who asked me hard questions about the choices I was making, cause after all they are my choices.  I found someone who came into agreement with me about life and that it’s ok to be different.  It’s ok to disagree.  It’s ok to long for eternity more than the race of life.  It’s ok to confront things that are wrong.  It’s ok to take the word of God literally.
And now I’m crying.  
You’d think she’d died!  It’s only Austin and a great reason to go visit that wonderful city more! 

Thanks D for always being vulnerable and living whole heartedly.  For persevering like a warrior and living with such contagious joy!  I will miss living with you.  If just for a little while…and maybe if you were in Dallas just for the last 3 months for me… just know you’ve been used incredibly in my life.  I look to many more great times in the future.  Love you! 

And you know exactly why I posted this one :)