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Easter Weekend

This past weekend I went to Wimberly, Texas (down by Austin) with one of my roommates who’s from there.  We drove down Saturday, stopped in San Marcos at one of the largest outlet malls in the country and then were on our way!  That night we hung out with a bunch of friends and for some reason the elecricity was out, so we played mafia in the dark by fire and candlelight.  Good times!
Sunday we went to her home church, where I know a few people (their youth join join Shady Grove’s youth each summer at camp) and then we went home where her parents had made a great Easter meal.  We then took naps and did hung out with the following guys.  It was really a great weekend to get away to a new place, enjoy the beautiful weather and rolling hills of Texas and chill. 

He was having a really good time smiling for me :)
 Below is from our egg decorating competition… Diana made a bunny on a stick… a bit scary i think. 
Here are all of our contestants… they somehow look like a 4th grader did them.

In honor of Passover I made two little jewish eggs :)

 And here we are at church. 
 AND THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE… hahaha! New best friends!

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