Rachel Jenae

dead sexy…

Sometimes you can’t help but just be dead sexy! I know, I know, the question I hear from people everywhere, how can I be dead sexy like you, and my simple reply is, you must try to walk in my shoes to live the life of a such a one. It is a hard life, one filled with ridicule and sometimes mistaken identity, but yes it is possible. It starts with eating lots of homemade salsa! Made straight out of the hands of a loving mama. Then it takes speeding up the pace of your speach and adding a slight hip swing to your walk. Yes, it takes years of practice, but I believe with much dedication you too can come to live a dead sexy life as I. (all said in the slight accent of a conquistador playing a banjo, and dancing salsa)

Well it was a great night at The Gathering last night! Full of wonderful fajitas, penjatas and lame mustaches :) Here’s some pictures from the night!