Rachel Jenae

Children: Sidney Briscoe & Her Miracle Story

Story written by her dad, Josh Briscoe.

Sidney Mitchell Briscoe was born August 15th 8lbs and 13 oz and it was quite an adventure. Here Is the story from my point of view.

After an amazing Wednesday of going through presbytery and receiving a prophetic word over our daughter who was one day from her due date we knew it was coming time for her to make her appearance. Marian had contractions all day long and we went to dinner that night with some of our close friends. We went to bed early around 9:00 and at midnight Marian woke up with a major contraction and her water broke. We knew it was time and this baby was coming!

The hospital was about a 30 minute drive, so after getting ready and loading the car we headed out. The whole way to the hospital I was praying that we would make it as Marian was having serious contractions. By the time we got to the hospital and got to the room, Marian was fully dilated and ready to start pushing. I couldn’t believe it was going so fast, this baby was about to be here and we were sleeping an hour ago at home!

We were using the midwives of UNT because of there amazing record with doing V-Bacs. Our first daughter was a C section and we felt strongly that we were supposed to  have a V-Bac. We were told that these midwives never did C Sections. Maybe that is why I was so surprised when after one push our midwife looked at me and said I think we need to do a C Section right now. I looked at Marian and then at our doula and we thought lets try one more push. After that next push and with the baby’s heart rate dropping, the midwife said very soberly, “We are doing a C Section right now. No questions asked and you cannot go with us. We will put her to sleep.” I was left not knowing what in the world was going on.

As I sat in the room confused and upset I began to pray and felt the peace of God. About 30 minutes later the midwife came in and said, “Well it is a good thing we did a C Section! Your wife had a ruptured uterus and we were barely able to save the baby.” I was so grateful! Then the doctor came in and said, “You are one lucky man. If she would have pushed one more time there is a good chance you would have not only lost your baby but your wife too tonight.” It was a whirlwind of emotions happening all at the same time as he begin to tell me that our newborn daughter was showing little to no signs of brain activity. The next thing I know the Nicu doctor came in and said that they were going to take her to Cooks Children (which happened to be right next door and connected by a covered bridge) and there they would put her on a cooling table for 72 hours and she would not eat or drink or be held during that time.  They said that the cooling table would lower her body tempature and hopefully cause her brain to restore some activity. As we walked her over from Harris Methodist to Cooks Children that’s when I began to see the miracle begin. As we were walking she was limp, pale and showed no signs of activity, no crying. About halfway there I begin to hear that wonderful sound of a baby crying. They said that’s a great sign, and I began to thank God!

The Cooks Nicu doctor told me it didn’t look good and she would have some sort of brain damage, but they wouldn’t know how severe until after the 72 hours were up and they warmed her body and took an MRI. So I began to go back and forth from Harris to Cooks being with Marian and Sidney. They gave me a doctors badge so I could wheel Marian over and she could see and talk to the baby as well. The first time we went over is when we named her Sidney Mitchell. The second time we went over she opened one eye and for the first time we were thrilled to see a little blue eye, which is what Marian had prayed for. The next day I got up at 4 AM to go and read scripute over her and when I walked in the room I was shocked as they had taken off all of the brain wave wires that were on her head. They said she was showing no signs of seizures which was truly amazing. Every day we saw improvements and all of the nurses were coming by saying she was definitely a little miracle baby. After the 72 hours were up, they took her off the table and were able to finally hold her!

The next time we came over from Marian’s room the Neuro Surgeon was in the room waiting for us. He said, “I wanted to show you the MRI personally.” I thought that might be a really bad thing, but I knew it was most likely a really good thing. We had so many people praying around the world for little Sidney and I knew from the Word we’d received the morning before she was born that she would be a voice to the nations, and for her to be a voice she was going to need that brain!

The neuro surgeon said, “Well I have studied this thing for a while and we cannot find anything wrong with her brain. She has a perfect brain”

We already knew in our hearts that was the case, but it felt so good to hear the doctor say it!

The testimony of Sidney’s life has continued, as she overcame a lot of bad blood tests as well. But when we redid the blood work they gave her a perfectly clean bill of health.

Sidney Mitchell is eating, growing and a normal little baby girl, but we all know she is called to a life of nothing but normal. She will be a voice declaring the goodness of God. Already her story has opened the doors for so many to hear about our amazing God that we serve and that is more powerful than any bad report.

We want to thank everyone who prayed for this miracle. Your prayers were heard and they were answered and we are so blessed to have such an amazing  praying community in our lives.  To everyone who came to the hospital, brought us a meal, sent us a message on Facebook – THANK YOU!

I would also like to thank our Midwife that night Tania who listened to that nudge that I know was God to do a C section. She did not know the uterus was ruptured and that the baby had seconds to be saved. We will forever be grateful to her as well as Doctor Boone who performed the C section and all of the nurses and doctors at Cooks Childrens.

Finally I want to thank God for an amazing wife and mother who showed her trust was in the Lord and was even a calm to me in the midst of the crazy storm that we were going through that week. Marian is amazing and through everything she never doubted God!

I am truly a blessed man!

Josh Briscoe