Rachel Jenae

Four Years in the Making

Where were you four years ago?  What was significantly happening in your life at that time? 

In two more days it will mark four years ago that I started this blog.  I can’t remember what made me start it. I don’t remember thinking I wanted to be a great writer and get my stuff out there.  Nor did I start it for photography since I wasn’t doing that at all at the time.  But I’m a huge journaler and there’s so much to be said about recalling things in your life and remembering all that God has brought you through.  The good, the bad and all the inbetween.  It not only helps us, but it helps others know us in a different and deeper way.  Some blogs are funny and humorous. Some are artsy and trendy.  Mine, is a story.  The real, day to day stretching, growing, laughing journey of my life.  The adventures of being obedient today wherever and doing whatever God says today.  Not always an overwhelming, fun, exciting kind of adventure.  Not an adventure that others always admire… but they will never be held responsible for my decisions of obedience.  And today, four years later… I know I’m still right in the center of God’s will. 

Four years ago I was working at a church as the assistant to three youth pastors, the worship pastor, the bulletin designer, while also living as the house ‘mom’ for five girls that were in a discipleship program.  I was twenty-four years young and up to my eyeballs in things I loved.  People, ministry, singing, serving, traveling… and I really loved it all.  Sure I was tired some days.  Sure I took on too much, but… life was sweet. Sure there were days when I thought where the hell is my husband and why is he taking so long to be ready to meet me :)… but in the end peace would win and the verse in Psalms 84:11 would come rushing back to me about every area of my life…”no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless“.  And I knew that anything in my life at this time He had given and if it wasn’t there, it wouldn’t be good yet.  It’s His promise.  And He’s good to His promises.

So here’s to another 4 years or more and the many adventures to come! 

Below was my very first post! 

Happy Thanksgiving!
Well this is my first blog and today just happens to be Thanksgiving, so there’s much to write about :)
I decided this morning that Thanksgiving is kind of a weird holiday. I mean we make tons and tons of food, and in my families case, we are a small family and sometimes invite a few other people to join us, but there’s just a TON of food leftover. We make the same things every year,,, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, my favorite fruit salad, gross cranberry sauce, and apple and pumpkin pies. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas because they have always been about spending time with family. Growing up we would spend them at my grandparents with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles around. We’d play lots of card games and just hang out. When visiting my dad’s parents all the guys take a few days and go hunting near Thanksgiving and the women get in the kitchen… (which somehow I have always been hackled about not doing enough of :) but overall its kind of a weird holiday.

I mean we know it started with the Pilgrims having this big feast celebrating coming to America and being free from England’s rule and reign over their lives, and them just being completely utterly thankful for being able to now worship how they pleased. But why do I celebrate it? Why does my family celebrate this holiday? Is it just something we do as tradition, like the Jews and all of their traditions, but have our closed to the true meaning?
Well for me,,, this holiday is about family and friends, it’s about the saving grace of God, it’s about all the miraculous things Jesus has done in my life to get me to where I am now, and it’s a few days away from the normal routine of life to relax and look back at this year.
I wrote this quote on the board at our house and have been thinking about it alot the last several days.
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”
I guess I just want to really think about why I do the things I do and if it’s time to do things differently. In all arena’s of life… why am i where i’m at? Why do I think the way I think about certain things? Do i want to keep thinking and doing the same things so that I keep getting the same results? As Einstein said, ” To do something over and over again in the same way expecting different results is called STUPID”.
So for me…I have been more blessed in my life than most people in 10 lives. I have the most amazing family, immediate and extended, that are allllll following after the Lord. Both of my grandparents on both sides are believers and have lived their lives to show it. God has given me great friends in every season of my life that have helped shape and mold me into being more like Him. Let’s just say He has never left me friendless :) and it’s not because of me,,, believe me there were definately times when I look back and wonder how I had any friends at all, because of how I treated people. I have been blessed with great health and all of my family as well. Even after getting malaria several years ago the Lord has continued to strengthen my body and make me whole! Financially I have never gone without. There have been close calls, where miraculously the money would come out of nowhere for a bill due that day, but it always comes just when I need it. I have been blessed with many great jobs that somehow the Lord just lays in front of me… I don’t quite understand this, but I never really have to go out and look for a job. My current job at my church is so great cause part of my job is to be in the House of Prayer and just get closer to God’s heart… how much better can it get :) And then spiritually,,,, where to start,,, the Lord has blessed me with His presence alllllll of my life. He came to me when I was 6 years old and has never left me. He has been faithful to not give up on me and continue working on all my issues… cause there’s alot :) He has brought me closer and closer to His heart to know His love for me. He has brought me through the hardest seasons of my life, just by walking with me and being my hope. He has given me dreams for tomorrow that I would never think could happen except for the fact that I am where I am only by His great grace!
So there’s just a few reasons why I’m so incredibly thankful today!
Eph. 3:20 He’s more than able to do exceedingly abundantly more than I could ever ask or even imagine!

 Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d love to hear from you and if you have happened to have been traveling along with me and reading for these last four years.  Your thoughts and what you’ve seen progress as you’ve read.