Rachel Jenae

First Things

How you start a thing matters. First things matter. They’re often little things in comparison to the whole, but that small thing causes big waves that effect the whole in positive or negative ways. Don’t overlook the little things. Don’t overlook the power of stewarding the first things in your life well.

I recently had a friend text me asking to be a benefactor of the first fruits of my garden. She was halfway kidding, but it had not even crossed my mind. This biblical principle seen all throughout scripture had completely evaded me (outside of tithing regularly). If this was such a consistent command that the Lord told His people all throughout His Word, shouldn’t it be something I considered on more of a consistent basis in a much more intentional way in all areas of my life? It was so small, so basic, so easy to discount, but what waves of impact was my life reaping from overlooking such a fundamental principle? So here’s some places I’m trying to be more intentional about firsts. Love to hear your thoughts and resources on this subject!
-The first moments of my day
-The first meal of my day
-The first of my finances.
-The first thing I choose to think about each day
-The first fruits of my garden, or anywhere I’m sowing and expecting return
-First hour at work
-First day of a new year, new month, new week