Rachel Jenae

There’s nothing like family…

This past weekend I flew up to Illinois for a family reunion and to surprise my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary! They knew their kids were coming, but did not know about all of the grandkids and great grandkids coming as well. It was a huge success and all of the family was able to make it! My brother, Caleb, and I flew in Thursday night and my parents picked us up. Friday all who had made it in already went out to shoot clay pidgeons. It was an amazingly beautiful day and we had a blast! I have to say I started off really strong and slowly lost my great aim… but I think the girls still way out shot the boys for sure!

Saturday we had a gathering reception for friends and family to come and honor my grandparents and then had a big family photoshoot! (I only have pictures from Friday because I was shooting with my grandpa’s camera for him the rest of the time) That night we played my favorite game catchphrase and just hungout. It was a packed weekend of which I wish I had an extra day to come home and rest from, but all together it was a great weekend!!! I love my family and think quite honestly I have the best family in the world. The amazing example my grandparents are and have set for us all, along with their hearts for the Lord that have been passed down to creep into our every breath and thought is unmeasurable! I feel so incredibly blessed!

So here’s a few pictures from the shoot and a few of random things.