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The Holiday Catch-up!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging to simply unplug and be with family and friends over the holidays which has left me completely refreshed and energized for the new year. So much of life picks up pace around the holidays and if anyone else is like me, I feel the need to see everyone, go to every Christmas party, find the perfect gifts for everyone and simply unplugging seems like an unrealistic idea, if even at all possible. It was much needed to say the least!

I met my parents in Arkansas to drive up to my grandparents in Illinois where we met many other family members for four days of wonderful time together which included too much good food, random games, making a gingerbread house duplicating my grandparents home and lots of laughter! I hadn’t seen most of this side of the family in a couple years so it was great to catchup.

I then returned to Arkansas to wake up early the next morning and drive to Kansas City with several Dallas friends and attend the Onething Conference by the House of Prayer. It was four more incredible days just being refreshed and just focusing in on making sure Jesus is in first place walking into another new year. There were 25,000 people there and it was quite the New Year’s Eve dance party!

I’m working hard on my 2011 year in review blog, but for now here are some pictures from Christmas!

All the granddaughters with Grandma.

A few from a little mini-session with my cousin and her adorable little family.

And now back to Christmas…

And then the best Christmas project began…

We were quite proud and so were the grandparents!



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