Rachel Jenae

Summer So Far

Right now I’m sitting trying to refrain myself from the yummy dark chocolate covered espresso beans I just bought to fill the empty candy jar on my desk at work. I got them with the sincere decision to not eat as many as I did the last time, but one, two, three… are just never enough!
But that’s not what this blog is about. It came to my attention that I tend to write really long, “deep” blogs and after looking back over the last couple months I realized I have put very little about my actual day-to-day life… soooo this blog will be little writing and TONS… i mean TONS of pictures to sum up what’s been going on in my life for the last month! It’s been a whirlwind of fun!
Here it goes… hold on tight!

My mother and I went out to Fresno, CA to visit old friends and go to a wedding! More at the end!

The brother returned from overseas, fully in love with Europe!
This was part of the welcoming crew! They were too cute!
Hanging out with Dallas Friends, always fun!
This is the lady I use to work for who has become a dear friend! 
My Sister-in-love came in town for a night!  I’m so thankful for her and what a great friend she is!
Finally getting some layout time in!  The heat is good for one thing here in Texas!
I’ve been playing some fun Ultimate Frisbee with new friends! Oh how I’ve missed sports!
 Attending a local college friends wedding was reunion station! 
More flower arrangments for the office!
Some new friends I’ve been having a blast with! 
I then drove my brother to my parents and we spent the weekend with fam!
This is my adorable niece trying on her scarf from uncle Caleb! Does it get much cuter?!
Child hood friend that was out in Cali

We went up to see the Redwoods in Fresno! They were overwhelmingly incredible!
Ok, that took forever… not sure why!  That’s it for today!