Rachel Jenae

Sneak Peak: No Smiles

In my family we like to call it ‘putting on your game face’.  ‘Get’in serious’, ‘get’in down to business’, ‘intimidation station’, ‘no play’in around’… you get the idea.  From the picture below you can see that we’ve still got a ways to go with Andrew, but Joely she had it down!

If ever there was a family that wasn’t messing around, they would be it.  “Can’t” is not a word that is allowed in their house and dreams are taken seriously as goal markers, set out in front to soon meet.  Risk is seen as just part of the process to moving forward.  Failures are seen as opportunities to learn and grow faster and disappointments as God’s hand of protection and guidance for something better.  You can usually find Tony Robbins playing in their car stereo and a new book on business, resistance , or leadership, sitting on their coffee table.

When it’s time to ‘put on their game faces’ these two know exactly what it takes.  Now if by telling you all that you think their kids suffer from their ambitious lives, just spend 5 minutes with them and the laughter and playfulness that will abound will show you that family always comes first.  They’ve put other career opportunities aside to live ‘risky’ lives and pursue what God put in their hearts….

I will stop there, since this is just a sneak peak.  More to come.

To see more on what Jacob and Heidi are doing you can visit their business websites:GB Group and A Splash of Green