Rachel Jenae

Anytime: P & P Love

Never were there children so blessed as to have parents like these!

As much as I love the movie Pride and Prejudice that is not what the P&P stands for this time (though I dare say there might be some of that too). P & P stands for my beautiful parents, Paul & Paula. I’m not sure I’ve laughed as hard as I did during this shoot in a long time!  We were all about to the point of tears! These pictures capture so much of who my parents truely are! My dad reminded me several times during this shoot and that “it’s not an engagement lovey-dovey shoot”, of which only encouraged me to demand more lovey-dovey-ness :). But seriously, how old do you think my parents are? Take a guess. I dare you! I am not only blessed with who my parents are in character and deed, but with incredibly great-aging genes as well! This year marks 34 years they have been married and as my mother would say, “Thirty-four loooong and glooorrrious years!”

So Enjoy!

Love you Mom and Dad!  You’re the best!