Rachel Jenae

Love, Love, Love

“Love, love, love, it’s all about love, love, love.” The song swirled in my mind as I made the drive back to Dallas after four relaxing days at my parents house.  My mom and younger brother had driven out to Arizona to visit family and my dad, caring for 20 new Golden Retriever puppies, felt he needed to stay home.  So being the great daughter that I am I went to spend some quality time with my dear ole dad! 

We made a small feast for our Thanksgiving meal and talked the day away.  We covered a large variety of subjects while finishing up our pumpkin and blackberry pie and stretching out our bellies.  No use denying where I learned to be such a talker since both my parents are quite the social butterflies.  When my mom is home her and I chat continually and it might be mistaken that my dad isn’t as talkative, but don’t let him fool you he probably just got tired of competing with us girls. 

Friday we spent some time taking photos of the new puppies and not doing much, then Saturday my dad and I spent the majority of the day with new good friends (new to me though I felt like I’d known them for ages).  Sunday we made breakfast and chatted before I knew I had to get on the road and head home.  It was time.

It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t help but feel like God was smiling down on me and showing me His creativity.  The sun, the clouds, the array of colors painted in the trees…beauty…no, love.  Love that is undeserved.  Love that is relentless.  Love that doesn’t hold back.  Love that redeems.  Love that abounds.  Love that pursues.  Love that continues to unfold a marvelous story and masterpiece.  Love that never ends. 

I drove with no music on for a long time as tears fell down my cheeks in amazement.  Gratefulness. Thankfulness. Amazement of God’s incredible love.  Not just because I have a great family or because I had a  great four days with  my dad, but because of my life.  My entire life!  Not because I deserve it.  Not because I’m special, but because that’s who God is. It’s what He does.  It’s what He loves to do. I can hear His heart beat with overwhelming delight even as I write these words.  It’s all about love.  Life changes when you know the simple fact of how much God loves you.  How much He wants you know Him and His love.  How much He wants you to succeed.  How much He has in store for you life.  Love, it changes everything. 

All of creation is singing His praise!