Rachel Jenae

Life in Pictures

Review in Pictures… its been a busy last few weeks!

October will be a big month! Working on lots of new photography stuff (more info to come)! The Texas State Fair is in town!  My 10 Year Class Reunion is here (eeek)!!! Attending the Making Things Happen Event in Houston first week in November, so gearing up for that! The launch of a new website for a company I do online marketing for happens this next weekend and if you haven’t heard the TEXAS RANGERS made the playoffs so we’re a little excited down here!!! Happy October to you all!
Visiting a friend in her downtown Dallas 19th floor apartment with a great view!
Salsa dancing with good friends
Grapefest Festival!

Dinner out with a few of my good friends!

Hanging with THE brother!  Such a funny guy.  I laughed till I cried this day! 

I made him go shoe shopping with me and he was soooo excited! 

I LOVE birds! 
My good friend Ang’s birthday! 

Enjoying the beautiful sunrise…

Enjoying spending money I didn’t have on a locksmith…ugh!

Ang’s baby shower!  
 My view on my drive to the house I just moved into. I’m lovin it! 

Getting settled in at the new place

Attending the first wedding of four coming up this fall!

A few of the recent flower arrangements for the office!

The End.