Rachel Jenae

It’s a Game Changer

It’s been a rough week.

It started as a rough Monday and since it was a Monday I overlooked it, but then came Tuesday.  Then Wednesday, then Thursday…and finally today. I’m feeling more like myself again.  The rollercoaster of emotions seems to be back under control and the tenderness of my heart not so fragile. The sun is shining in my bedroom window right now and on this peaceful Saturday morning all I want to do is bask in the peace.

This morning at the crack of dawn I woke up to say goodbye to my younger brother who is currently driving across the country to move to Spokane, Washington.  He drove into town yesterday and we grabbed dinner and we spent the night talking away about life.  My brother knows me like no one else does.  It’s somewhere in our similarities that he understands me so well.  Those same similarities can drive us crazy and have us butting heads in a second, but the older we get the more I realize the uniqueness of our relationship.

You see he’s always been my little brother.  The one I made play barbies with me and obey my every command until he realized he didn’t have to.  The one who would listen to my every idea and jump on board as excited, or even more, than I was.  The brother who would fight off guys if he didn’t like the way they smiled.  He and I could go round and round about what excites and moves our hearts and by the end be ready to run a marathon!  And you see he’s the one I’ve always been fighting for.  Warring for.  Believing miracles for.  Because if he and I could be on the same team, oh what a great team we would have!

Then that day came.  Two years ago about this time actually.  He boarded a plane across the world, with only two duffle bags in tow.  Completely unaware of what would lie ahead. As I hugged him goodbye I wasn’t sure he’d even get on the plane.  There was a fear in his eyes I’d never seen before, but one I later found out was more afraid of staying than going.  And somewhere in the next six months his heart was won over.  He joined the ranks of the free and victorious and the whole game changed.

For the sake of analogy and simple understanding answer this question; what happens when you bring in a new player to a basketball team?  The whole game changes.  The team has to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the new player and utilize them efficiently.  Everybody has to change because of the new player.  Maybe they already had a strong post player, but now they have two.  Maybe the new person can drive in like nobody’s business and needs to have the ball more, so other will have it less.  Maybe they need more practice in some areas and will need help tapping their full potential, but with their new zeal of finally getting in the game they have the passion to excel faster than people who have been in the game for years. Everything changes with a new player on the team.

My brother made another big move today and things on the team are shifting again because of it.  Rearranging. Everyone on the team is/will learn new things through the transition.  He’s moving without all the details to the plan, just following what God’s put in his heart and obeying.  It probably looks foolish to most who are watching from the sidelines, but he’s not on the sidelines anymore.  He’s in the game.

This week started off pretty rough, but now the sun is shining in my window and I’m basking in it.  Basking in the peace and goodness of God and how He can do exceedingly, abundantly more than we ever ask, think or imagine!  It changes everything.

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