Rachel Jenae

Cyprus Travels…

Just realized I don’t think I ever posted any pictures on here from Cyprus. I posted them all on my facebook (here ), but as I was thinking about my brother today, and his return in two weeks, I thought I should post some of our time together! I cant’ wait for him to get back! He’s in Ethiopia another week and a half so keep him in your prayers! But here are much awaited pictures! Sad to say it’s taken me three weeks to post them on here. I got back and soon after got a kidney infection that knocked me out for a week… so at least I do have good excuses!
It was an amazing trip! I went to visit my brother as well as several other friends and see more of what God is doing over there, but I was blown away and surprised by all that God did in my heart during the short 10 days! I jumped right in with the students helping with meals, cleaning and their daily worship and classes and then toward the end of the week we attended an conference with Heidi Baker that was in the city of Limosol. It will have to suffice to say that during those few days at the conference God did an unmeasurable amount of healing and refreshing in my life! I came back feeling light as a feather and more in love with Jesus than I thought possible. His grace and love are so amazing!

Here is me surprising Caleb!

He was quite happy :)
In the mountains of Cyprus!
Us being too cool for school
My twin and great friend Rachel, who is on staff there.
Me and Hannah. I bunked up with her while I was there. She is also on staff.
Caleb and our good friend Baptiste. One of my favorite french men!

Most of the Texans present on the island.

Working hard in the kitchen making dinner!

Dont’ worry folks, he’s not part of a cult, it was a balleywood theme night! 

Posers, I know!

And I will leave you with my favorite one of Caleb! He’s a stud!

There are about a million more pictures, but its too much work to put them all on here, so just go to facebook.