Rachel Jenae

Arizona Family Reunion

Another family reunion was upon us as we made the treck across the midwest to my great birth state, Arizona. Time with family is never boring, especially around a clan that hasn’t been together in years. New kiddos springing up everywhere add to the constant chaos and adventure. And set in the beautiful mountains of Arizona, the weather was just as beautiful as the landscape. We celebrated the 4th of July just as we did when we were kids, a parade for miles, scavenging for candy, bean bag tournaments and a stadium full of locals celebrating our freedom under a canopy of fireworks. It was blissful. Maybe even a little piece of heaven.

Spending time with my mom’s parents (married for 67 years) only compounded on the overwhelming blessing I already felt from seeing my dad’s parents a month prior. We have been incredibly blessed in my family. Blessed beyond measure. Blessed beyond what many have had or experienced. And yet, when you have only known blessing you can often forget just how blessed you are. I figure it’s the same way with God’s favor, blessing and peace. When you grow up in a family that has guarded and protected God’s presence in your home since you were born and you were introduced to Jesus at a young age, realizing His love was too compelling to choose any other way, you can forget that the world outside of that covering is quite different. Outside peace is something fought for. Favor is something strived for. And love, love is a never ending empty bucket that you’re trying to fill.

I wasn’t born into my family, the legacy my grandparents have built, to simply live to the same measure they began. I wasn’t born to my parents to stay only within the safe confines of where they have found freedom. But I was born into this legacy of blessing to build on it to a greater measure for my own children. I was born to take that blessing out farther than my parents or grandparents could only dare to dream. Blessing was never meant to be hoarded or guarded. It was meant to share and invite others into. But you can only do that if you actually realize the measure of blessing you’ve been given. Don’t overlook the every day, what can seem ordinary, when the ordinary is actually the overwhelming blessing.