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Arizona adventures…

Awh, my birth state! There’s just something about the midwest! Wide open spaces, mountains in every direction, no hiding trash or ugliness, snow and heat, a state that longs for rain daily, a state that holds a good portion of my family and my childhood memories! awh… it was great to visit you great state of Arizona!

I flew out Thursday night and after an hour delay, due to strong winds in Dallas, I arrived in Pheonix. I was picked up by my dad’s cousin which is also my cousin’s (Tim who’s getting married) uncle. Here’s where it gets tricky. See my mom’s sister married my dad’s cousin, so my dad’s cousin is also my uncle :), and taht makes my cousin Tim, who got married, my first and third cousin. (And no it has nothing to do with me being from Arkansas!)

I got to spend some good time with my uncle Rick and his wife Doe, who I haven’t seen in over 5 years! We then drove up to Flagstaff on Friday and helped set up for the wedding reception. In Flagstaff I got to hangout and visit with a lot of other family on both sides, of which many I haven’t seen in years! It was so great! There’s really just nothing like family! My brother and sister in law were there with there kids and my other cousin and his FIVE kids! So kids ran rampant and were great entertainment! My heart swells when I think of all my family and how blessed I am to have them all. I wish we could all just start a commune and everyone be happy in the same place! If only it were that easy.

So here are pictures from the wedding…hold on there are quite a few! The wedding was beautiful and I am completely exhausted from the whole weekend of events!

Last, my uncle Rick and Doe took me to Montezuma Well on our way back to Pheonix. It’s a spring/pond in the middle of the desert that flows into a nearby creek. It was great and there were lots of indian ruins as well!

Amazing trip! Now to rest up!

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