Rachel Jenae

A Glimpse at the Past

After that last post including a picture from my senior trip, I decided I should post some on my high school days for kicks!  This will let you in on a little of my past and where I came from :)  Get ready!  I grew up in a tiny town in Arkansas so keep that in mind. 

9th Grade and the beginning of braces!

Also the year I won best dressed :)  Oh yes!
Also the year I went to my first prom with my brother’s best friend. 
(I was pasty white, had bad makeup and my ringlets were bouncing off my head…FAIL!)
 10th Grade, the year my hair grew out and I decided to wear blue contacts for a while.   
Also the year I went to prom with an ex-boyfriend…who tried to rekindle our ‘love’ by kissing me when he took me home…but I somehow managed to make a diversion.
 11th grade, the year I finally felt like I was figuring out who I was! Haha!
  I got my first car!
Senior year… basketball was my life!  We won alot and were the first girls team to ever go to state!
 Best friend started dating my brother again… more fun times. 
 I dated a giant.
And I was the graduating Salutatorian! 
Now do you feel like you know and understand me a little better?