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2009 Year in Review

Number one reason I love blogging, because when I forget what has happened in a year I can just look back over past blogs (and journals too) and remember all that God has done. It’s funny how a year can seem to fly by, but when you think of something that happened at the beginning it feels like for-ever ago that it took place! So much has changed! I feel like I grew up alot more than I wanted to this last year, but for whatever reason everything took place I know it’s for my good and getting me ready for what’s next.

The beginning of 2009 started a little rough with me getting pneumonia. It marked me being at my new job for 6 monthes and we moved into our brand-spankin new office building! I also moved apartments at that time, well friends moved me as I watched on the sidelines trying not to hack up a lung. My good friend Angela T., moved in with me at that time as well which was great after living alone for a year.

Then came my 26th birthday with these awesome people!

Around that same time I saw one of my long time college friends step into her dream to see it become a reality. Kari Jobe signed with Integrity music and released her first CD in January. I was reminded of the times of sitting around our apartment at CFNI talking about the future and what we hope and dreamed God would bring to past! Being there at the release party I just heard the sweet whisper of God in my ear reminding me that He holds ALL things in His hands and is the dreammaker!

In February, I heard the Lord very clearly tell me it was time to rest and get equipped in 2009. So I stepped out of any leadership positions I held and really took a deep look at all that I was involved in and giving my time to. I started taking guitar and piano lessons and prioritizing my time on what I knew was in my heart for the future. You don’t get to the future you want to see, by just thinking and dreaming about it, not to say you need to strive and work yourself to death either, but diligence… I believe is the key! “We make our plans and God directs our steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

So doing just that I booked a ticket across the sea to Cyprus.

A little slap to the face about more doing and less dreaming.

We had one of many great parties at our college/young adults group at my church. This one happened to include mustaches, pinatas and all these faces and more.

In March, my brother and his family came to Dallas to visit and hanging out with them always inspires me.

April got really busy as I flew to Arizona for my cousin Tim’s wedding! I had a great time catching up with tons of family! I flew in to Phoenix with weather like this..

Then drove up to Flagstaff to weather like this. The wardrobe struggled to say the least.

 The wedding festivities were a blast because I got to see so much family from both sides of my family. Here is Tim and Clover at the rehearsal dinner and my wonderful Aunt Caroline with Tim as well on the right.

Last, my uncle Rick and his wife Doe took me to Montezuma Well on our way back to Pheonix. It was beautiful.

I then went to my parents house for Easter weekend and really the whole month of April is a blurr! Here’s a few pictures with some of my great GNO girlfriends!I recalled a boy who helped me push past my own limitations.Lots of dreams I don’t want to forget. Realization of my own boxed in mind and black and white perspective of a life that is often very grey.

The first ten days in May I flew over to surprise my brother on the island of Cyprus, and boy was it a surprise! My first couple days were rough, but also very good. Click here for more trip pictures.

I came back and realized how God has surrounded me with such greatness. And thoughts on a few that have greatly impacted my life over the last several years.

Thoughts on why so many people die prematurely.

I got back from Cyprus and then battled a kidney infection over the next couple weeks! Ugh!

In June I made a short trip to go visit one of my best friends from college-Kylie, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

The summer rolled on and my best friend and her husband who had been on the road for months came in town for the 4th of July with the girls band they manage-KSM. We hungout pool side and then went to one of the girl’s shows.

The end of July I started shooting some pictures again! Still no new equipment to replace the stolen stuff from the breakin a year ago, but it was good to be shooting again! Here’s this little guy.

The end of July I also chopped my hair off and had a tv fall on my head!!! I’m enjoying the hair, but the the neck is still having issues!

A redundant theme came up again and again…

August was busy. Work was just that–work–and it felt like my grace was running very thin for sitting behind a desk, but it’s a season and as I am often reminded it is not forever.

Three things happened during August that I’ll never forget. I started reading a blog of a girl I don’t know that has changed my life: KissesfromKatie, and Ted Kennedy died. I remember Ted Kennedy because of how much I started reading about the Kennedy family and what an amazing family history they have! Then I went to a Hillsong United concert with my roommate and somewhere amidst the night the call to justice and helping those in need began burning brighter.

September came and we had a surprise family reunion for my dad’s parents 60th wedding anniversary in Illinois. Lots of shooting, lots of family, and lots of pictures!!! I took a few pics of My sister-in-love as well.

Mid to late September God began to burden my heart about injustice and walking out with His compassion to the world around us. I began reading and studying Africa and for the first time in my life finally feel the release to go there! I started supporting a little boy through Compassion ministry who lives in Ethiopia-his name is Melkamu!

October marked one year since my apartment was broken into and all of my photography equipment was stolen and all I can say is what God reminds me all of the time-it’s not my timing but His that is perfect! He uses everything and ‘those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength’! This year has been a year of persevering. Waiting on the Lord, continuing to believe and not doubt, continuing to step out, continuing to trust and obey!

My good friend Kari Crowe got married! One of the most adorable weddings-so perfectly fitting for the bride and groom-that I’ve ever been to!

In October I spoke for the first time to our college/young adults ministry, The Gathering, and God began to release in my heart the fruit of what He told me to do at the beginnig of the year, ‘rest and get equipped’. Realizing my own insecurities and inadequacies and marveling at the fact that God is soooo strong when I am weak!

And with that, here’s a shoot I did in October. The Garcia’s Maternity!

November! The best part of the year was in November-I got to help with a dinner for the homelessthrough my church and then Thanksgiving with the whole family! (we also celebrated Christmas at the same time)

Then before I knew it December came and left! I went home for a week, took my camera, but forgot the camera card, so was completely unsuccessful at documenting our Christmas.

And now on to New Year’s! Wow, that is a crazy recap of the year! 2009 was probably my hardest year to date. I know that probably sounds weird after that long update of all good stuff, but it was a tough year. It was a year where I felt like the Lord has had His hand on my shoulder and has been ever so gently keeping me still-sitting still-to be able to do what needs done in my life so that I, and whatever is next for me, is ready to come together. I really am utterly greatful that He does that though, because I know He is good and has good things in store for my life, so knows what I need to get there. He is oh so good!

So here’s to 2010! My 10 year high school reunion and so, so much more! In the last 2 months I have started feeling the sweet release and anticipation of something that is coming. A couple days ago I went to water a plant that I’ve had for 10 years now. I was telling my dad how this plant has not grown much in those 10 years and he quickly asked me if I’d given it a bigger pot. Then when I got home and went to water it I very quickly heard the Lord whisper, ‘it’s time for a bigger pot-for that plant and for you.’ I almost started crying right there.

Happy New Year! Love and blessings to you all!

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