Rachel Jenae

Every Season of the Soul

Five years ago today I started blogging. If you’d have told me then that I would still be blogging five years late and it would become such an outlet for my soul, I wouldn’t have understood at all. But somewhere over the years-feeling my way blindly through areas of my heart that I didn’t know were there, expressed with words I didn’t know I had in me-writing has become a haven of sorts. I’ve always hoped to be able to look back years later and see my personal journey unfold as God led me through the different seasons of life. The fact that it started on Thanksgiving only makes it sweeter.

Oh the seasons of life. Life is always a choice of perspectives. We often make them unknowingly. Grateful or ungrateful. Full or lacking. Have or have not. What you choose to focus on will fill your heart. Then you will speak from the overflow of what is in your heart and ultimately, what you declare will be established in your life. It’s a choice of your thoughts. It’s a choice of what you will focus on.

I recently had a conversation with a girl who had just gotten married in the last six months. As she told me about how great it was to be married, she also made sure to inform me that their marriage was not perfect and needed a lot of work. At that point her tone shifted and she began referring to a girl we both know and her fairy tale of a marriage bliss. She said she wished her story could be like that, but her and her husband had their issues and they would just have to walk it out. She began to compare and voice all of their imperfections. Her comparison points were based on watching this friend of ours from a social media perspective and how perfect this other girl’s life seemed. Our other friend was and has always been one of the most positive, joy-filled people I’ve ever met. She chooses to focus on the good, the great and the positive and in so doing her marriage not only looks great on the outside, but probably is great! Not because of perfection or having everything, but because of what she chooses to focus on.

I have sweet friends longing for their husbands and wives. I have friends waiting and longing for babies in their marriages. I have friends intensely desiring to be financially stable and debt free. I also have friends who are in need of simpler things like a job, food and if their next months bills will be paid. To every season of the soul, there is a choice. A choice to rest your weariness and all it’s longing on the one who is more than able. It’s in knowing His abundance and His heart-that always has good in store for your life, come what may-high or low, storm or ease, much or little, that the simple choice to believe, to trust, to hope, to be positive, to be grateful, to be thankful, will shape your world much more than you give it credit. It’s not a denial of the facts or circumstances, but a positioning of your heart to trust His. In doing so your words will reflect His life and declare life to a world that needs it desperately.

So this year, as I sit at my parents house in the tiny town in Arkansas that I grew up in, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the life God has blessed me with!

An amazing family, full of life, joy, wisdom and laughter.

Grandparents that live with purpose, integrity and beautiful love. Sacrificing for their families and children more than I will ever know.

Parents that are such a great example of following after God’s heart, always praying and giving counsel to my life, and adding playful humor that often crosses the line ;).

Brothers who have become two of my closest friends-putting me in my place when I need it, encouraging my heart immensely, and marrying incredible women that I love having as sisters.

And these two sisters, seriously, God knew just what needed added to our family. They have such beautiful hearts, full of creativity, fun, compassion and more laughter!

To my favorite little nephew and niece, that bring so much joy to our family with their unique little personalities, you changed our world and we never want to go back!

Outside of my family I’m overwhelmed by all of those that God has weaved into my life to run alongside that are simply an extension of family. Near and far they inspire my life. They speak courage to my soul on weary days and bring joy into the simplest of days. Where would I be without each of you!

And I should probably not even get started about my job and the people I get to work with. I have been blessed beyond my imagination this year to work with such incredible leaders and world changers. The environment of creativity, excellence and intentionality is exactly what I needed and didn’t know existed.

Oh how God has blessed my life! Life, health, joy, freedom, peace, and the list goes on and on! In every season of my soul, I have and am incredibly blessed.

God, may this always be true of my life, “I am blessed, all of my needs are met, and I have more than enough for myself, my household, and extra left over to give to others.”