Rachel Jenae

Wishing for Time

So about this time every year all of us can relate to one simple thing that always seems hard to find…TIME.

I wish Thanksgiving and Christmas could be spread about 6 months apart. The first 6 months of the year would then be in preparation for Thanksgiving and the second 6 months in preparation for giving at Christmas. Two wonderful holidays spent with family and friends! Gratefulness and giving as well as resting and eating wouldn’t be so crammed in a one month time span to enjoy.

I’m considering writing our national government on my idea, but none-the-less it is what it is and I’m currently at that point again, where time is of the essence! One of my biggest wishes is that I would make a little more time to make gifts instead of just buy them. I have quite a few ideas that I’ve now been sitting on for what seems like years and I wish I’d just take the time and effort to just make them. I did however recently have an Art night with several friends and I finally painted something that’s been in my head for over a year.  It’s not completely finished yet, but I plan to make the final touches and get a few pictures to show you all in the near future. But that seemed to be the best way to get projects done… schedule time for them!  So in the mean time, here are a few new ideas I’ve added to the list of DIY items when I “make some time” soon. They’re not incredibly hard, but will just take gathering the materials and scheduling the time.  Here’s to wishing! And to all my DIY friends out there, please share any fun Christmas gift making ideas!