Rachel Jenae

The Little Things

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Wait, what?  What’s that you say?

I’m continually amazed at how shocked I am at my simple ability to forget things.  You’d think by now I would at least remember that I forget.  But it shocks me every time.  Little things, big things, doesn’t really matter, I forget.  I’m not sure there’s anything more frustrating than forgetting something you know you know!  Like where you put your car keys.  Where you’re going.  When something happened. When’s someone’s birthday is.  All the way down to the much more important things like what you’ve already learned in life, but forget. How to love people.  How to listen.  How much He loves me.  How much I need Him. How to be grateful.  How to forgive.  How to be patient.  How to let go.  How to wait on the Lord.  How to know Him. How to rest.  How to war.  How to stay humble.  How to stay close. How to…how to…how to… I can never seem to remember.  It seems to me the curse of being a human, or a constant weakness, is our innate ability to forget things.

Today, I’m reminded of so many things I have not been practicing in my life.  Little things that I tend to forget or overlook as important that remind me of all of those things above.  Without those every day applications I quickly forget it all.  It’s not so much that every day I wake up and have forgotten everything, it’s more like I forget the little things, but they hold the keys to remembering the rest.  I guess Luke understood it well when he said to “be faithful in the little things for then you would be trusted with much”.  (16:10).

Today… this weaknesses will not get the best of me.  I choose to remember the little things.

Happy Wednesday.