Rachel Jenae

The Greatest Danger


So often we compare our lives to others around us and quickly decide that the little that we’re doing is more than they’re doing so we’re doing good. We don’t want to do “too much”. ¬†Our aim is set right above where we were last year. We make a few new year resolutions that make us feel like we’re challenging ourselves more than ever before when in actuality we’ve set the bar so low we’re bound to reach it in no time at all.

What happened to reaching for the stars? What happened to not caring if others thought you were crazy? And what happened to having only one life aim; to be like Jesus?

If my aim in life is simply to be like Jesus there is one word that quickly comes to my mind. Lavish. Jesus was lavish. He was lavish in His giving, in His sacrificing, in His love, in His demonstration, in His kindness. The list goes on and on. His life set a standard for all of us that was so lavish in all that He did. It was not an easy, low set standard, but one that cost Him everything, day in and day out.

As modern-day Christians I believe one of the greatest dangers we face every day is that we have set our standard of ‘being a Christian” so low that we feel good for looking just a shade better than someone else. We are called to be obedient to everything the Holy Spirit leads us to do, no matter what it looks like. Lavish in love that may at times look crazy or like “too much”. Lavish in our kindness, in our generosity, in our encouragement, in our serving. Simply because that’s exactly what Jesus has done for us.

So raise your aim today, this week, this month…the last month of 2011 and live to lavish on others what has been so freely lavished on you! ¬†Happy December to you all!