Rachel Jenae


You can always tell the rookies from the oldies. Rookies quit as soon as things get tough. Oldies know the tough just comes with the territory.  Rookies see everything difficult and off the golden road as things to avoid and go around.  Oldies know that resistance is what will stretch them and make them grow stronger.  Rookies would rather give up, because they haven’t seen enough ends of matter play through to know that the tough work is worth it.  Oldies know that pushing through the tough today will lead to greater joy tomorrow.

No matter where you are at in life, even if you are a “Rookie”, choose today to push through.  Choose to let the tough circumstances of your life stretch and grow you into being able to handle more.  Choose to not give up.  Choose to not retreat. Choose to be patient and trust God’s process. Wait on Him! It rarely, if ever, looks like your ideal process, but if you choose to go through it,  you will be refined, stronger, wiser and much more!

Don’t give up.


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