Rachel Jenae

Risky Business

We were all taking a risk.  More than we knew in our young age, but a risk just the same.  None of us knew what the outcome would bring and most of us didn’t even worry about it. We were high on the adventure of life set before us.

Someone once asked me what I thought of God for allowing me to get malaria while on a mission trip for Him.  The question stumped me, since in fact, it was that same mission trip in which I’d just seen miracle after miracle take place and hearts transformed.  My life was transformed and my heart opened in a way I didn’t even know possible.  But I knew what he meant.  Of all times for God to be protecting me, surely He should have been on a mission trip.

But isn’t life a risk?  Every day, every moment.  Getting out of bed, taking a shower, driving to work? Trusting people involves a risk.  Serving God involves a risk. Moving forward involves a risk.  Life is a risk!  When you’re young you haven’t seen enough ends of a matter to value risk, but it’s there regardless.  Then you get older, more guarded, more reserved, realizing the cost of every risk.  The risk to love. The risk to step out on a new adventure. The risk to wait. The risk to walk by faith and not by site. And you realize that the scariest part of following this God of love is all the risky business He gets you into. Can He really be trusted?  Should you really be following a God that is so risky?

Looking back I’ve never once regretted going on that trip, or getting malaria. Would I want to go through it again, heck no!, but it was a risk worth taking. Why?  Because of the lives and the people that were changed through it.  I was changed!  I’d seen part of the world that had forever marked my heart.  I had gotten to know God in a new way that left me awe of His power and grace.  Yes, there was a lot to clean up afterwards.  Yes, there were challenges to face because I went that I may not have had to face otherwise, but the outcome…overwhelmingly worth it.

The outcome of every risk helps us weigh the odds of if we will choose to take another risk in the future, but the truth is we don’t always see the great outcome right away.  Sometimes it’s months, years and even decades later.  Sometimes we don’t see the good of the outcome in our life here on earth at all.  This risky God who sees all things and knows all things calls us to trust Him in all things. To entrust our leery hearts and our disappointed minds into His hands and risk again.

You can calculate and analyze and try your best to avoid all risks in this life, but more often than not you will miss countless opportunities of incredible joy and adventure.  You can live every day in fear trying to control every circumstance that comes your way, but that’s certain to leave you miserable and unfulfilled.  You can let your heart turn cynical and your mind negative, because life didn’t go the way you thought it should, while all along this God, this risk-it-all God, is dying to take you on an adventure that will unveil a love you’ve never known.

Proverbs 14:4 explains that it’s a sure thing that if you have any oxen you’ll also have to clean up after them and inherit problems and issues you wouldn’t have otherwise, but they will also bring an incredible increase.  I think the same can be said for risk taking.  It’s a sure thing that by taking risks you’ll have some messes and problems to clean up and figure out, but you’ll most definitely also have increase in your life that you wouldn’t have otherwise.  Increase that is from ‘Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ask or even imagine’ (Ephesians 3:20). Or, you can keep things safe and comfortable and within your realm of control, probably not have many problems in life either, but the increase your heart truly desires will never be reached.

Risk is just a part of life.

For the life of a believer, you surrender your heart and life to this risky God.  Not usually for adventure-sake, but because the closer you come to this risky God, the more you know His overwhelming love.  And the more you know this love, the more you trust His heart, come what may. And the more you trust, the more you want to go wherever He goes, whatever the cost, because you trust that He works all things out for your good.  The key to all this risky business is not withdrawing to safety, but pressing into His heart for safety.  It will come either way, but staying close to His heart will make every outcome of every risk far beyond worth it.

What is He calling you to risk today?