Rachel Jenae

Look in the Mirror…

…and read this until you believe it!

Don’t hurry through it, but meditate on every word.  Take 1 minute and let it sink deep into what you think your current fears are today.  Think about how you’re playing out each day, shying back or boldly moving forward?  Are you shining or hiding?

Earlier this year I had a friend make a piece of art with this quote on it to hang in my office.  I started a new job that was completely new in so many ways.  Part of me was diving boldly into the unknown, but part of me was fearful of failing, fearful of what it would look like to succeed.  Could I hold the weight of either? Fearful of what I didn’t know I was capable or incapable of doing.  I would read this quote and read it often.  Trying to get myself to believe what I couldn’t see just yet.  Then last week I turned and saw it, as if I’d forgotten it was there and it made me smile.  I remembered all of the things I was worried and fearful about and saw how God had prepared me for each of the situations and opportunities that were presented. Nothing was impossible.  All of my playing small was only out of fear that succeeding would require more than I had to give. But God had given me everything I needed for exactly what He was calling me to, exactly when I needed it and not a second before.  That I’ve seen over and over again and can rest in.

So today, take a good look in the mirror and read this to yourself…until you believe it. Quit hiding.  Quit worrying.  Just walk through the doors He opens and trust His preparation is more than efficient and will more than likely push you to lean more on Him and less on you. 

Who are you to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?  Who are you not to be!

Happy Monday!