Rachel Jenae

A Legacy of Love

Not everybody gets this lucky.  Actually I hate to call it luck, but more like favor or a divine inheritance.  I’m actually not even sure what to call it. I hate to even make it sound so incredibly, overwhelmingly special, because that in fact will leave some people feeling incredibly “un-lucky”. I wish I could explain life away and why it turns out one way for some and another way for others, but I haven’t figured it out yet.  I haven’t figured out why I was born in America and given an incredible amount of freedom, grew up in the Bible belt and sheltered beyond belief, while someone else grew up in Russia under communism, or India under a shack roof, or China with no real understanding of who God is.  Or why I was given an incredible family with two parents who are still married and both sets of grandparents still alive and married, about to embark on their 65th wedding anniversaries.  How… or why did I get that “lucky”?

I’m reminded quite often that luck has nothing to do with it. Then my mind starts thinking about how incredibly loved I must be to have what I have, but then doesn’t that immediately draw the conclusion that those who grew up without what I’ve been given are less loved?  And knowing the heart of God, I know that’s not true.  And around the time I try to draw a third conclusion and solve the problems of the world, I stop. Like a whisper in the wind I’m reminded that I will never understand this overwhelming love. That walking with Jesus and the favor of that relationship, will shine through lives in all different ways, but I will never fully understand why things are the way they are, my job is simply to pass on the love I’ve been given and give it away.

And that’s what I see in my grandparents and my parents.  “Blessed to be a blessing”, “to him who has been given much, much is required”. They love and love well.  Everywhere they are placed there is a flourishing garden of love.  People know them here and there and mostly what they say is they love talking with my parents.  They love sitting around our kitchen island and just talking.  The door is always open and the laughter is always free.  For love is the only thing that we take with us.

So this Tuesday… I want to share with you my family.  My parents just celebrated 35 years of marriage and both of their birthdays were this past week as well.  We threw them a party on Saturday night and invited a bunch of friends over to help in the celebrating.  They are incredible parents, living out a legacy of love passed down from both of their parents! They have never tried to be perfect, but they have tried to love us and others well and show us the best example of Christ that they could.  They know how to fight when the enemy brings the battle close to home and they know how to praise when another battle is won. They are my legacy of love.  I love you both!

BEWARE…there are many adorable, fluffy puppy pictures below that will leave you in dire need of a golden retriever puppy!