Rachel Jenae


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I woke up reflecting on a year ago this time. I couldn’t have been in a more different place. I had bronchitis for 7 weeks. I was discouraged and living in limbo in many areas of life. All I had was peace to stay put. That’s it. I was trying not to quit at life (yep, I have those days too) and I couldn’t see what God was doing.

But little did I know that in that small decision to just follow his peace and obey His leading to stay put, He was preparing me for the thing He was preparing for me. Strengthening perseverance muscles and inner character.

We all hate waiting and if you’re a go-getter, achiever, helper type, more times than not you’ll probably hear God say, “just sit still for a minute”. He works deep trust in us in those seasons – in our taking our hands off the driver’s seat and letting go.

A short month and a half later God revealed his hand and all the chaos was set right and all the waiting was understood.

This year is a different story. I feel contentment like I’ve never known before. The kind that makes me realize I’ve actually never had it much before. The kind that scares me cause I’ve never felt so un-achieving and so fulfilled. If you told me this was possible I wouldn’t have believed you, and I would have said it’s just the way I’m wired – to “hustle” and to achieve. But the enemy is banking on you living your life according to cultural pressures and pace rather than God’s peace. Yes, you can do all that, but at what cost? It’s not a question of capability, it’s a question of long-term health and wholeness and even marathon runners know their pace must change at different parts of the race. And in-between races they are strategic at resting and strengthening.

Contentment didn’t come because all my dreams and desires were answered or because I gave them all up. Nope, still trusting for many more of those, but it’s come in simply keeping my heart close and staying in pace with him. It rarely “makes sense” and my achiever has been dethroned to simply Be. It’s been my undoing and it’s taken years of unraveling to get here – but a year from now I hope it’s only unraveled more. Here’s to the journey my friends!
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