Rachel Jenae


Jesus correlates children with humility and humility with greatness in His Kingdom. Children don’t have time for pride. They’re too caught up in the awe and wonder of life. The simplicity of finding joy in bubbles, exploring the mystery in seeds sprouting, bugs crawling and planes flying. Children are fully present in each moment, fully taking in everything it has to offer – no matter if it’s little or much. They don’t plan ahead. They don’t live in regret. They don’t worry about tomorrow. They fully expect. They have to learn to not hope.
. . .
I’m reminded today of the beauty of childlike faith. I listened to a teaching this morning called Soaking in Expectation by Graham Cooke and was awestruck by the perspective he shared from the view of the Father. His sheer delight in His kids. His excitement for all He has planned and I couldn’t help but feel my heart stir with expectation and anticipation of His goodness. Everything in His Kingdom fully accessible.
. . .
“Jesus called a little child to him and put the child among them. Then he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven. So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:2-4‬