Rachel Jenae

A Great Book Series!

From time to time I get completely engulfed in the world of fiction!  If I get a good book my world changes.  I cancel plans just to be able to sit and get back to the story!  I stay up late and pass up a long, goodnight sleep just to finish such a book!  Well I recently heard that these books will be turning into movies very soon, much like the Twilight series.  BUT… let me preface that with the fact that they are not about vampires, but just as incredibly written.  Thanks to my good friend Marian who recommended the first one that got me hooked! 

I can’t even begin to explain them to you, because it would only mess up your perception.  They create a whole new world that we don’t even know and make you feel so completely apart.  There is an interesting love triangle, but good news is since they are considered a ‘teen’ book they stay completely clean.  They are really quite incredible books!  Read them before the movies come out!  The last book, Mocking Jay, doesn’t come out until August.