Rachel Jenae

Big Oak

This tree is in my neighbors back yard and for the last three years I’ve watched it transition the seasons – from the abundance of summer, to the beauty of fall, to the frailty and lack of winter, to newness in spring. Three days after I took this photo the tree was completely bare-leaves fallen. It’s always caught me in wonder to see it’s endurance and steadiness to keep growing and expanding regardless of the season- actually it’s probably because of the seasons that he grows. With each season he is shedding the past, growing deeper and stronger roots and discovering weak branches that need cut off. His core is enlarging, layer by layer and I’m convinced each fall he is more beautiful than the last.

Trees don’t seem to fight the seasons like we often do. They don’t question Gods goodness based on the past. They don’t view Him as running out of goodness ahead because of the goodness they’ve already experienced behind. They don’t question the motive of a season. They don’t hold onto the old, for they know in their release new life can break forth in their seeds. They aren’t skeptical in winter or arrogant in summer. They know lack and abundance are simply opportunities to grow deep roots.

Yes, I’m in awe of you big oak. You model well a life with open hands.