Rachel Jenae

Are the Birds Still Singing?

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I woke to the birds singing outside my window.  They usually waited until the sun was up too, but this morning their singing started earlier.  It was two of them and somewhere in the darkness they sang back and forth a lovely little story.  I wondered what they were saying and especially so early in the morning.  They had no idea what the day even held in store for them, but here they were, outside my window, singing their songs.

The wonderful thing about birds is that I can always count on them to sing again tomorrow. They probably don’t wake up and even have to ponder the decision to do so.  It’s what they were made to do and no matter what happens in their day or their lives, they continue to sing.  It’s who they are.  It was built into their DNA.

Ever stopped to think of where birds live?  The other day I was trying to figure out where all the birds go. I only see them using nests when they have eggs and young to protect.  What about after that?

I started thinking about the birds and how hard it must be to rebuild their nests every time a harsh wind or storm comes through.  How frustrating, disappointing, and overwhelming at times.

Then I started thinking about Japan.  I started thinking about the 420,000 people without homes.  For what seemed like an entire minute I felt complete empathy for them and my heart felt massively overwhelmed.  Where do you start when your world’s been stripped away from you?  Your home?  Maybe even your family?  No internet.  No tv or radio to tell you how things are going.  No clean water or food.  No restrooms.  No bed.  No way to know if your family and friends that aren’t with you have survived and are safe.  No identification.  No medication.  No money.  And completely dependent on someone else to help you.  Overwhelming.

This morning as I thought about them, I began wondering how many hearts are having a hard time waking up and hoping again today.  And I hear the birds continue to sing outside my window.  I wonder if the birds in Japan are still singing?

Somewhere between the destruction of all that they know and their hearts natural desire to want to hope again, I pray they choose hope.  Isn’t that how all of life is?  The battle to choose hope despite our disappointments around every corner?  The great tug-a-war between believing and doubting.  Knowing innately that we were made to hope and believe for better things to come, but constantly being bombarded with what our eyes can see and what our flesh longs for now–that’s where the real fight lies.  Will we choose to continue to believe in the Word of God, His words, His promises and the hope He put in each of us, despite what we see? Will we daily get up and sing again, even when things don’t turn out the way we were convinced they should?  When it’s still dark out and we can’t see any reason to sing yet… will we choose to sing?