Rachel Jenae

2019 Year in Review

Wow…where to begin!  2019 is the year that I still can’t believe fit all into one!  Tons of travel, tons of stretching, tons of family time…it was full!

Coming out of 2018 I pondered the gift of brokenness.  There are so many things that do not feel like gifts at the time, but what they produce always reminds me they are just that. It’s not the way we’d choose to go, but it’s the way that produces the most fruit in us. It also made me ponder growth.  Some growth can seem invisible in the middle of the process, but then suddenly you turn around and see exponential change. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s there. Happening right under your nose. It just looks and feels different because you’re not striving to do it yourself and in your own strength. Growth out of rest feels different. So just keep watering. Keep weeding. Keeping doing what you know to do. You too are growing.

Middle of January 2019 my Grandfather passed away. Not how any of us wanted to start the year, but time spent with family is always a gift and recalling the sweetness by which my Grandfather and I always bantered over our shared love for photography only makes me smile.  He was a tough and gruff man, but I always felt like his favorite. (sorry cousins)

Sadly, I got the flu over my birthday weekend, so festivities were postponed – but anyone else celebrate for a month anyways?!  It never escapes me that the older I get the longer the testimony I have of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Isaiah 43:19 has been on my mind and heart for weeks now and I’m expectant for all the new God has up His sleeve for this new year. I’m pondering what or how I can enlarge my capacity to expect more than He’s already done so that any place in my heart that’s not thriving with hope is filled with new rivers to water dry ground. Any place not bursting with praise would be given new eyes to see from His perspective. That is my prayer this new year.

Followed on the tales of my birthday was Gateway Students Winter Camp. Commense NO SLEEP.  What a weekend! God did some incredible things in the lives of 700+ @gwstudents!

Mid February I saw that first sprig of green spring forth. Probably a weed, but hints of new life just the same. I was reminded that it was time to till and weed and plant again. Spring is coming. There’s work to be done to prepare for the new fruit and I know it won’t happen on its own. This is a partnership, a co-laboring work. Winter may have seemed hard and barren, but Spring is coming and I can’t sit back passively or sad at what was lost in Winter. Those things needed to die. Come on Spring!

“Our capacity to dream is fed, fueled and inspired by our connection to the promises that God has given to us, that we have not yet seen fulfilled. If you’ve lost the capacity to dream, you’ve probably lost sight of the promises of God. God is looking for colaborers who will agree with Him. He has already said “yes”, it’s our job to say “amen” (2 Cor 1:18).” Bill Johnson

March brought with it NEW marching orders...what would happen if we spoke to our soul the same way Joshua spoke to the tribes of Israel? Maybe we’d have more success in getting out of old seasons and ruts we’ve been living in and crossing over into the new! 

I was also reminded of the simplest truth…”God reveals His will by setting a torch to your soul.” “Want to know God’s will for your life? Answer this question: what ignites your heart?

Into April I had my yearly college girlfriend retreat. I adore these weekends with these soul-sisters.

I continued working with Gateway Young Adults and had the sweet opportunity to work with all of our groups and volunteer teams at all campuses.  My role shifted to working with leaders over each of these teams and was such a sweet season getting to pour into these passionate young adults.

Refresh 2019 was amazing and God blew me away with what He spoke and how He moved in two short days amongst a room full of women hungry to know His heart. I’ve been so honored and humbled to be apart of this group of women.

In May my beautiful cousin Heather got hitched and our whole family gathered to celebrate.

Took a much needed road trip to Nashville with a couple of good friends!  If you’ve never been it’s worth exploring!

Made a quick weekend trip to Austin for all the fun wedding festivities for my dear friend Diana! 

Marked 3 years with this team!  What a ride and WHAT a team!

I had the opportunity to go and help launch our new campus in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the most beautiful time of year!

My mom and I finally took our epic west coast trip and it did not disappoint!

The Fall is always a crazy full season in church world and I try to always squeeze in a little retreat time and visiting friends that refresh my soul.  Colorado has been that for the last several years…and this year was no different. I even made a few new friends!

I made a quick trip to Arkansas to see the fam and the little cherubs. They’re growing up way too fast! I had a few fun surprises thrown my way in the Fall and took a quick trip to Redding, CA to visit some friends and then went on a mission trip to Peru with good family friends!

And just like that the year was wrapping up with our end of year event for young adults and it was a beautiful night gathered in the heart of Dallas and a packed house. 

And suddenly we were at Christmas!  There’s nothing like quality time with family on the farm.

This year was full of so many fun surprises, especially all the travel. I wish I could put it on repeat!