Rachel Jenae

New Vision

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“The birth of a new vision will necessitate a lifestyle adjustment.” @refresh_women @sarahhelenabirkbeck We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations. Realized or still hidden, they’re the deep things – the God planted parts of His heart put in each of … Continue reading

What If

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The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. -Frederick Buechner One of my favorite questions is “what if…” What if you could do anything? What if you had permission? What if … Continue reading

First Things

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How you start a thing matters. First things matter. They’re often little things in comparison to the whole, but that small thing causes big waves that effect the whole in positive or negative ways. Don’t overlook the little things. Don’t … Continue reading

The Great Tension

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All weekend I’ve had this picture in my head. The raging waters of #Snowqualmie falls flowing to depths below that I couldn’t see. How high the mist rose to soak my hair. How overwhelming the sight of the waves. How … Continue reading

What’s Your Driver?

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If smiles made the world go round these boys would be the propellor. I’ve been thinking a lot about drivers in life, “propellers” of sorts, and how any driver, if given permission, can rule and direct the course of your … Continue reading

Well Adjusted?

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There’s a lot going on in the world. A lot in my personal world, but even more in the world at large and it’s so easy to get absorbed in your own world and forget the rest. So easy to … Continue reading

Just a Glimpse

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I’d had the same song on repeat for a week and it was now playing again. I was putting on makeup when I found the first tears streaming down my face. I looked in the mirror somewhat annoyed at the delay in … Continue reading

Single Season

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I recently had the opportunity to write for my church’s monthly magazine, Gateway Life, on a topic I reluctantly write about here on the blog – “waiting” or, being single in my 30’s. About a year and a half ago … Continue reading

2016 Year in Review

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2016 was the year of New Beginnings. The first half of the year raced by like I was climbing a steep mountain and the second half has been slower than I thought I knew how to walk. There’s a part of me … Continue reading

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Happy Wednesday…let’s all just pretend it’s a sunny Texas day instead of grey, rainy and cold. Here’s to being productive, chasing a few lions and confidently expecting Gods favor on today! “God ’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his … Continue reading

It’s Not Always Pretty

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Not all seasons look as pretty as we wish they did. On the surface they look ugly, messy, unrecoverable, and bearing no fruit. But some fruit is only produced in the harshest winds and coldest days. What kills the surface … Continue reading

Entitlement vs Gratefulness

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I woke up with a bad cold this morning, runny nose and a soar throat out of the blue and I’m reminded once again that blue skies aren’t something we’re entitled to, but something we’re given. Every breath and every … Continue reading