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Just a Taste

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Every time we worship we get a taste of heaven. Every knee bowing, every heart exploding at the overflowing goodness and faithfulness of a God who came for us. He made a way for us to Him. He made a … Continue reading

It’s Time

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It’s a time to overturn and overthrow A time of divine reversals A time when the enemies plans will boomerang back at him A time when curses will be turned to blessing A time to agree and decree A time … Continue reading

Ask Again

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“Old things have passed away…things that we thought were dead are breathing in life again…” – Bethel Music, Jesus We Love You This song has been on repeat in my heart and mind the last couple weeks and I can’t … Continue reading


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  Nothing can change unless things change. Anything can change at any given moment. You can choose at any given moment to change. You get to choose. It’s your choice.      

2014 Year in Review

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This time last year I was spending time with my grandmother in her last days here on earth.  It was the hardest and sweetest moments wrapped up in one.  Watching her “let go” of this life and watching her family … Continue reading

“You’ve Been Loved Well. Remember.”

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“You’ve been loved well. Remember.” I’ve heard this phrase whispered in my ear many times over the last month.  A sweet reminder that I have been shown what real love looks like. What healthy love looks like. What genuine care … Continue reading

Despising the Methods

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A few days ago in my journal I found myself writing about the difficulty in bringing change. The difficulty in changing habits that have been in place for 10, 15, 20 years. Often times someone can have great vision and … Continue reading


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I recently heard a man share an incredible message about unity and the power that it can bring to any home, team or organization. He talked about how much God loves unity and how the greater the unity in a … Continue reading

Perfect Work

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This morning at the gym I had a glimpse of myself at 80-90 years old. I’m not really sure how I knew the age, but that was what came to mind. I was doing the same thing I was this … Continue reading

“Being a Tankersley”

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I’ve thought a lot about the word legacy this year. Two family trees collided at my parents and they brought together two distinct lines of inheritance that carry quite the legacy. I think about what I will tell my children … Continue reading

Travel: Eyes to Never be Forgotten

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The return home is always hard. It’s hard adapting back to a culture of so much and not feeling guilty for those blessings. Guilt is never from God, but the wrestling I think very much could be. He allows us … Continue reading

Travel: A Road Less Traveled

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We drove for two hours on a bumpy dirt road with windows down and the early morning breeze blowing my hair every which way. We were headed out to another remote village and I knew when I took my glasses … Continue reading

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