Rachel Jenae

Reminiscing Old Memories

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It seemed incredibly surreal to be going home to attend my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend. Graduating with a class of only 26 I knew there was a good chance not even half would show up for … Continue reading

Life in Pictures

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Review in Pictures… its been a busy last few weeks! October will be a big month! Working on lots of new photography stuff (more info to come)! The Texas State Fair is in town!  My 10 Year Class Reunion is … Continue reading

Oh if it weren’t for Fathers

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I started writing this blog earlier this week and stopped cause I felt like it was just too much and too long and I was drained after writing it cause it broke my heart.  But… this morning I stumbled onto … Continue reading

Returning Home

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I walked in the door and immediately felt like I was home.  The colors, the creativity, the smell of coffee and even more the friendly welcome from the barista behind the counter sent a warm, fuzzy feeling through me. I … Continue reading

What You’re Called To & What You’re Not

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I’ve been listening to two of my favorite photographers in an interview together while going about my normal routine at work (Jasmine Star and Chase Jarvis).  Jasmine is an incredible wedding photographer who has blown up incredibly fast in the last … Continue reading

There’s a Gap

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There’s a song from a girl named Laura Hacket who’s apart of the House of Prayer in Kansas City that seems to sum up a lot of what I feel many days.  I’m reading a really great book on Grace … Continue reading

This Begs the Question

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“This begs the question; where is the line, that once crossed, will transform a person from an ally to an enemy?  The Founding Fathers recognized that a citizen can become a domestic enemy of our country…”  My Uncle Mike has … Continue reading

Forgetful Days

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Sometimes, well a lot of the time, I forget how different my view is from God’s.  Most days I look at the candy on my desk and curse it for being so alluring and tempting, but grateful for it’s company … Continue reading

Is Receiving So Hard?

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One of the saddest of all the sad stories in the history of the people of God comes shortly after the dramatic Exodus from Egypt, as they stand on the brink of a whole new life in the land God … Continue reading

Please Read

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Please take about 3 minutes (or more if you’re a really slow reader) and go read this blog.  I promise you won’t regret it.  Well you might, but then you probably needed to read it. http://www.theveryworstmissionary.com/2010/09/letter-to-very-worst-missionaryfrom.html Few people really tell … Continue reading

Dodging bullets

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In my dream last night I was dodging bullets.  I could see the far off man with his gun pointed at me and with the red lazer trying to set its sites on me I was not scared.  I simply … Continue reading

Just Believe

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Even as Abraham believed God, it was accounted to him for righteousness.  -Gal. 3:6 I’ve been asking the Lord to help me write this out because I feel like there’s a gazillion things stirring in my heart that He’s been … Continue reading