Rachel Jenae

Sometimes Just Take It

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Yesterday I stood in line for almost 2 hours to purchase the Apple iPad for a giveaway at one of our company Tradeshows. Of course it was colder than usual and my feet and legs were freezing in my cute … Continue reading

Are the Birds Still Singing?

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I woke to the birds singing outside my window.  They usually waited until the sun was up too, but this morning their singing started earlier.  It was two of them and somewhere in the darkness they sang back and forth … Continue reading

The Stories We Live

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I’m sitting waiting for my tires to get rotated on my car and trying to multitask and get a new blog finished. I’m way past due to get them rotated, but it hasn’t been a priority.  Sitting, waiting…sitting, waiting… ya, … Continue reading

It’s a Game Changer

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It’s been a rough week. It started as a rough Monday and since it was a Monday I overlooked it, but then came Tuesday.  Then Wednesday, then Thursday…and finally today. I’m feeling more like myself again.  The rollercoaster of emotions … Continue reading

Take a Glimpse

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Here’s just a little glimpse of my life through pictures over the last several months… Enjoy!

My Two Cents at 29

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Last Sunday I celebrated 29 years of life!  Usually at some point around my birthday there’s a quiet span of time where I try to just be still.  I try to remember what it was like when I was little … Continue reading

The Waiting Room: Geometry and Romance

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Meet Kaleb.  Our friendship expands back to college days at Dallas Baptist University (where I attended one short year).  Kaleb’s one of those guys who never lacks friends and will probably always succeed at anything he puts his hand to.  He’ll crack … Continue reading

The Waiting Room: The View from the Waiting Room

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So here’s another guest post in the Waiting Room Series.  Meet Katie.  I absolutely love her blunt honestly with where she’s at in life.  There’s nothing more refreshing!  It would be great if these honest feelings weren’t real and never … Continue reading

It’s Contagious

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Seasons of life. Another week has gone by and I’m finally managing to post. After one week at my new job, I am beyond excited with the opportunities that lie ahead!  Learning, learning, learning and starting to feel the fresh … Continue reading

Seasonal Transitions

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Grateful. Sometimes feelings have a hard time summing up gratefulness.  They are limited to understanding and more than that, they are limited to expression that often doesn’t fully express it anyways.  Today is my last day at the job where … Continue reading

The Waiting Room: Love is a Choice

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I actually don’t even know Maegan, but Stephanie (who wrote earlier on in this series) asked her to write a post.  So here is a little intro from Stephanie on Maegan… and then… thoughts on singleness from Meagan Roper herself!  Enjoy! … Continue reading

Big Expectations

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Last week I told myself I would write no blogs. I did too much other writing and most of it didn’t  make sense anyways.  Ten days into another year and this last week I finally found some time to start really writing out … Continue reading