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In a Matter of Days

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This morning I received an email from someone I wrote recently and they were asking me a few questions about what I’d written them.  I reread what I’d written them and immediately felt like that must have been months ago!  … Continue reading

There’s Just NO Reason!

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Ever just feel like God is smiling down on you?  And though you know He does it every day some days you just feel it more than others in a very tangible way? It’s these days and seasons of my … Continue reading

_____ comes before a fall…

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Last night I heard an incredible message on pride.  It was one of those slap you in the face type of messages.  I actually love those kind because I love that someone will call me on my crap and cares … Continue reading

What Will it Take

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I have a great many friends who understand and have a grip on the spiritual reality of all of the things going on in the natural and I love that.  I love that I have so many friends my age … Continue reading

Esther’s House Videos 4 & 5

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Here are videos 4 & 5 on Esther’s House.  For more information visit PureMission.org.  Esthers House Episode 4 from Esther’s House, Africa on Vimeo. Esthers House Episode 5 from Esther’s House, Africa on Vimeo.

Esther’s House Video 2 & 3

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Here are videos #2 & 3 on my college friends who lived in Malawi, Africa last summer for about 3 months while helping establish an orphanage called Esther’s House.  More info at PureMission.org.  Esthers House Episode 2 from Esther’s House, … Continue reading

Oil Spill

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Amidst my workout yesterday morning while running on the treadmill and continually watching the three different tv screens in my view, I started reading the captions on the large oil spill.  I watched and read and within a few minutes it … Continue reading

Whatever it Takes

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I woke up this morning, having set my alarm for 7:15 (allowing me to ‘sleep in’) and quickly got ready.  Ate breakfast and then sat down to do a little reading and talk with the Lord.  I was tired and … Continue reading

the stuff real lives are made of…

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The above pictures are of my grandfather during WWII. He was a pilot. This is my mother’s father and he is the man who gave me my first camera! Knowing my grandfather from my perspective I’m sure it is very … Continue reading

2009 Year in Review

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Number one reason I love blogging, because when I forget what has happened in a year I can just look back over past blogs (and journals too) and remember all that God has done. It’s funny how a year can … Continue reading

There’s nothing like family…

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This past weekend I flew up to Illinois for a family reunion and to surprise my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary! They knew their kids were coming, but did not know about all of the grandkids and great grandkids … Continue reading

Arizona adventures…

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Awh, my birth state! There’s just something about the midwest! Wide open spaces, mountains in every direction, no hiding trash or ugliness, snow and heat, a state that longs for rain daily, a state that holds a good portion of … Continue reading

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