Rachel Jenae

Anchor for My Soul

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And this hope is an anchor for my soul, our God will stand unshakable…  

Arizona Family Reunion

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Another family reunion was upon us as we made the treck across the midwest to my great birth state, Arizona. Time with family is never boring, especially around a clan that hasn’t been together in years. New kiddos springing up … Continue reading

The Return

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And just like that. A door opened. A desire returned. Three years ago this desire was in full bloom in my life, alive and well. It had become a sweet place in my life and one I never thought I’d … Continue reading

It’s a Promise

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It’s a promise and every time I wait and simply ask Him for encouragement He comes through, blowing me away with His faithful goodness. Surprising me with His perfect timing, His strength and just how intimately He really knows me. ‪#‎reminders‬ … Continue reading

Illinois Family Reunion

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A year ago on 6/13 my grandmother (who is now 81) was in a head-on collision where the other passenger died. Her legs were crushed in the impact, amidst many other broken bones. The doctors were pessimistic about her recovery, … Continue reading

Waiting on a Writer’s Block

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If you’d have asked me five years ago if I ever thought I’d encounter this problem, I’d have given you a quick “no way!”  Six years ago only a stranger would have even asked in the first place, but I … Continue reading

Where My Trust is without Borders

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After a weekend of being with over 4,000+ women at our yearly women’s conference (PinkImpact.com), listening to numerous incredibly impacting words from dynamic speakers, and pressing into worship that will shake your boots a bit, this is the song that … Continue reading

Learn to Lean

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It’s incredible how much we are likely to overlook and miss when we are looking only at ourselves and our own struggle. It’s exactly what the enemy aims to do. Distract us. Give us tunnel vision with what seems like … Continue reading

Different Ways

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“You cannot go with God and stay where you are.” -Henry Blackaby I’m continually amazed at Gods ways and how different they are than my own, but yet always so much better. Through often the most difficult days and weeks … Continue reading


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I recently found an old quote or line from a song (not really sure) mixed amongst old journal notes. It resonated with how my heart’s been feeling a lot as of late. The quote read, “We are weak, but we … Continue reading

Intentionality (Annual JBU Girls Trip)

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Once a year I get together with some incredible women that I met a short 10 years ago and it’s in those short times together I’m reminded a little more of who I want to be. For the last five … Continue reading

2012 Year In Review

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Rewinding, remembering, unraveling and unfolding…I love this time of year! I love looking back and seeing what looked crazy and impossible now sitting fully in the light. If there is one word that sums up this year it would be … Continue reading