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What You’re Called To & What You’re Not

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I’ve been listening to two of my favorite photographers in an interview together while going about my normal routine at work (Jasmine Star and Chase Jarvis).  Jasmine is an incredible wedding photographer who has blown up incredibly fast in the last … Continue reading

Coming to Terms with It

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It seems really hard to find time to blog lately.  If there’s not one thing, there’s another and so and so on.  Then when I actually have some time to write, my mind doesn’t want to think through coherant thoughts … Continue reading

How You Practice is How You’ll Play

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My basketball coach in high school drilled two common statements into my head growing up,¬†“We practice today for what we want tomorrow!” and “How you practice is how you will play!”¬†There was always an emotional build up to these speeches … Continue reading

I Did It!

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Well it finally happened!  I got my new camera!!!!!!!  Trying not to let fear grip me and all of my own doubts and unsureities get in the way of moving forward and following what I know God’s put in my heart, … Continue reading

Summer So Far

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Right now I’m sitting trying to refrain myself from the yummy dark chocolate covered espresso beans I just bought to fill the empty candy jar on my desk at work. I got them with the sincere decision to not eat … Continue reading

Busy weekend!

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It’s one of those days I could probably and will probably cry at some point.  I feel it slowly building and the millions of things running through my mind are needing to overflow. Not bad, actually more good, but lots of … Continue reading

A Glimpse at the Past

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After that last post including a picture from my senior trip, I decided I should post some on my high school days for kicks!  This will let you in on a little of my past and where I came from :)  Get … Continue reading

If Just for a While

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Some things in life are just offered to us for a season (don’t worry this blog won’t be as sad and depressing as yesterdays) and we get to enjoy and grow from them just long enough to get us on track … Continue reading

Life transitions

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This will probably be a lengthy one…so just a warning. My life feels like a lot of unknowns right now and while I wish I had more answers, I feel such a huge peace in just enjoying the ride.  Yes, … Continue reading

The Beautiful Thing About Girlfriends!

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This past weekend I drove up to northwest Arkansas to spend the weekend with my close girlfriends from college (John Brown University days).  It has been 2 years since we’ve all met up and since then there have been 2 … Continue reading

Easter Weekend

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This past weekend I went to Wimberly, Texas (down by Austin) with one of my roommates who’s from there.  We drove down Saturday, stopped in San Marcos at one of the largest outlet malls in the country and then were … Continue reading

not enough time…

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I am finally finding a minute to breath! The last weeks have been great, but non-stop and I came back to an overwhelming amount of work and work outside of work! It’s simply just that I can’t find enough time. … Continue reading

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