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Thanks for stopping in! I hope you’ll make yourself at home and leave feeling inspired and stirred with passion for life in a new way. Live it to the fullest! Many Blessings,

Take a Glimpse

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Here’s just a little glimpse of my life through pictures over the last several months… Enjoy!

My Two Cents at 29

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Last Sunday I celebrated 29 years of life!  Usually at some point around my birthday there’s a quiet span of time where I try to just be still.  I try to remember what it was like when I was little … Continue reading

It’s Contagious

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Seasons of life. Another week has gone by and I’m finally managing to post. After one week at my new job, I am beyond excited with the opportunities that lie ahead!  Learning, learning, learning and starting to feel the fresh … Continue reading

Seasonal Transitions

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Grateful. Sometimes feelings have a hard time summing up gratefulness.  They are limited to understanding and more than that, they are limited to expression that often doesn’t fully express it anyways.  Today is my last day at the job where … Continue reading

Big Expectations

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Last week I told myself I would write no blogs. I did too much other writing and most of it didn’t  make sense anyways.  Ten days into another year and this last week I finally found some time to start really writing out … Continue reading

2010 Year in Review

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I’ve always loved change.  When I was younger I loved the new people I’d meet, the new adventures I’d experience, the new world I’d see and most of all the unknown that would then be known.  As I got older … Continue reading

Love, Love, Love

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“Love, love, love, it’s all about love, love, love.” The song swirled in my mind as I made the drive back to Dallas after four relaxing days at my parents house.  My mom and younger brother had driven out to … Continue reading

Making Things Happen

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I was 16 and it was the first day of my sophomore year and playing High School basketball.  Intimidation set in as we started practicing with the Seniors.  There was only one Junior so it meant we had to step … Continue reading

Caterpillar Thoughts, Perspective & Soul Searching

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My mind feels a bit like mush this morning as I try to process why my heart feels mushy too.  And what I mean by mushy is that I feel sappy.  Like hearing about anything sad could push me over … Continue reading

Reminiscing Old Memories

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It seemed incredibly surreal to be going home to attend my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend. Graduating with a class of only 26 I knew there was a good chance not even half would show up for … Continue reading

Life in Pictures

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Review in Pictures… its been a busy last few weeks! October will be a big month! Working on lots of new photography stuff (more info to come)! The Texas State Fair is in town!  My 10 Year Class Reunion is … Continue reading

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