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What to do While Waiting for Mr. Right

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When asked to write a guest post for my dear friend Jory’s blog, she asked if I’d consider writing about being single. In my almost mid-thirties, I’m still waiting on the man God has for me. I tend to shy away from writing on this topic … Continue reading

2014 Year in Review

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This time last year I was spending time with my grandmother in her last days here on earth.  It was the hardest and sweetest moments wrapped up in one.  Watching her “let go” of this life and watching her family … Continue reading

“You’ve Been Loved Well. Remember.”

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“You’ve been loved well. Remember.” I’ve heard this phrase whispered in my ear many times over the last month.  A sweet reminder that I have been shown what real love looks like. What healthy love looks like. What genuine care … Continue reading

Despising the Methods

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A few days ago in my journal I found myself writing about the difficulty in bringing change. The difficulty in changing habits that have been in place for 10, 15, 20 years. Often times someone can have great vision and … Continue reading

“Being a Tankersley”

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I’ve thought a lot about the word legacy this year. Two family trees collided at my parents and they brought together two distinct lines of inheritance that carry quite the legacy. I think about what I will tell my children … Continue reading

10 Things I Learned in 2013

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Life is often taken for granted. Breathing. Laughing. Walking. Being loved. Freedom. More often than not, we don’t realize what we have been given until it’s taken away. For some reason this last year made me realize all of this … Continue reading

2013 Year in Review

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My dad use to say that one of our biggest weaknesses as humans is our innate ability to remember and forget. We tend to harbor and remember selective moments, while forgetting to celebrate and rejoice in all the others. A … Continue reading

A Question I’ve Never Been Asked Before

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If I could label this season a food, I’d label it beets. I’ve only had beets once where I actually enjoyed them, and while I know they’re incredibly good for me, I will avoid them at all costs. Yep, that’s … Continue reading

Learn to Lean

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It’s incredible how much we are likely to overlook and miss when we are looking only at ourselves and our own struggle. It’s exactly what the enemy aims to do. Distract us. Give us tunnel vision with what seems like … Continue reading

Every Season of the Soul

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Five years ago today I started blogging. If you’d have told me then that I would still be blogging five years late and it would become such an outlet for my soul, I wouldn’t have understood at all. But somewhere … Continue reading

Summer Life

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My summer in a nutshell.

Tidy & Clean

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