Rachel Jenae

I Know There’s More

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I know there’s more to this. I know there’s more in me.  I know there’s more to You. Come pour it out, We’re crying out. – – – – I’ve found that words are typically needing a space to be … Continue reading

7 1/2 Years!

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Monday marked 3 years with @gwyoungadults and 7 1/2 years with @gatewaypeople! What a ride it’s been! I’ve learned so much here and continue to work with some of the best people around! Shoutout to @brettryanh for encouraging me to … Continue reading

Nashville Adventures

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A couple of dear friends and I make a short weekend trip to Nashville, 10-hr road trip and all!  We drank up all the good coffee and food and got to explore a little of the city!

Don’t Discard

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Finally. This plant seemed dead for months and I pondered throwing it away time and time again. But I am utterly amazed that underneath the surface, long after winter passed, sprigs have sprung forth. I don’t think I even believed … Continue reading

We are Family!

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This weekend we gathered to celebrate my beautiful cousin Heather getting married. It was so great to see family all again so soon and for a much brighter occasion than we had a few short months earlier.  We all clean … Continue reading

Gardening and Other Things

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“It’s easier than you think.” That’s the phrase I’ve heard come out of my mouth again and again in this season about my little garden, but actually about so much more. You know that thing you’ve decided you don’t have … Continue reading

It’s All Grace

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“Who could ever find a woman like this one— she is a woman of strength and mighty valor! She’s full of wealth and wisdom. The price paid for her was greater than many jewels.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭31:10‬ ‭TPT‬‬ . . . … Continue reading

Refresh 2019

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It was a power-packed few days leading worship at the Refresh Retreat! The intentionality of this retreat always blows me away and most of all the pursuit after Jesus – to just listen and obey. Every session targeted with such precision … Continue reading

We’re Still 18 Right?

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Find you some friends like these! 19 years and going strong. We revisited our college dorm rooms and where our friendship all began! I love these girlfriends that are one of my richest gifts in life.


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I grew up playing a lot of sports. I had no idea how those years were shaping me. How those coaches were impacting me. I loved team and had no idea how much I would need those young-learned lessons. I … Continue reading

New Marching Orders

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Joshua is easily one of my favorite books of the Bible, but it’s everything but easy when you dive into it. I love it because it’s a breakthrough book. From desert land to promise land. It’s practical crossing over and … Continue reading

New Life

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One sprig of green. Probably a weed, but hints of new life just the same. Time to till and weed and plant again. Spring is coming. There’s work to be done to prepare for the new fruit. It won’t happen … Continue reading