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January 2010 pictures…

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I obviously should get a real camera sometime… but thanks to my handy iphone for all of these :)  First pic: Me… a happy 28 year old! AHAHHH!  My great friend Ang! She put together a great group of our … Continue reading

2009 Year in Review

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Number one reason I love blogging, because when I forget what has happened in a year I can just look back over past blogs (and journals too) and remember all that God has done. It’s funny how a year can … Continue reading

a grrreat week!!!

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So this last week was pretty great! Tuesday night was amazing worship with Hillsong United! Thursday night I hung out with my great friend Kari Crowe who has a new house and is getting married in a couple months! Saturday … Continue reading


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A couple weeks ago another girl moved into my apartment with my friend Angela and I. Her name is Diana and she fits right in. She’s layed back, easy going, likes to work out and likes to have fun and … Continue reading

4th of july goodness…

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Well it was a crazy busy July 4th weekend, one of which I greatly enjoyed but am glad is over! I’m not sure why I was so exhausted all weekend, but I wasn’t feeling so great Friday morning leading into … Continue reading

picking up where we left off…

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This past weekend I finally made my trip to Omaha, Nebraska. After severe storms in Dallas that cancelled my plans two weeks ago I was glad to finally make it there! I have only seen my good friend Kylie a … Continue reading

Cyprus Travels…

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Just realized I don’t think I ever posted any pictures on here from Cyprus. I posted them all on my facebook (here ), but as I was thinking about my brother today, and his return in two weeks, I thought … Continue reading

if it weren’t for them…

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I was peddeling through a good many blogs today, catching up on friends who I wish were closer in proximity. I love blogging for that very reason! I may rarely speak with them and even more rarely see them, but … Continue reading


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So the night before I left to Cyprus I had some of my favorite friends over for a GNI (girl’s night in). We were celebrating a couple birthdays and spending some much needed time together since we rarely get to … Continue reading

dead sexy…

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Sometimes you can’t help but just be dead sexy! I know, I know, the question I hear from people everywhere, how can I be dead sexy like you, and my simple reply is, you must try to walk in my … Continue reading

A Wedding Reunion

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I had the opportunity to take Kelli and Marc’s engagement pictures this summer in New York and saw first hand how well these two fit together! ┬áTheir wedding was beautiful and I got to see a lot of high school … Continue reading

Lifewalk: A group of eight…

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Transformation…1. to change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose.2. to change in condition, nature, or character; convert.3. to change into another substance; transmute. Eight students on a journey to transformation. Never easy, very rarely chosen, and never what you expect. … Continue reading

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