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Sneak Peak: No Smiles

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In my family we like to call it ‘putting on your game face’. ¬†‘Get’in serious’, ‘get’in down to business’, ‘intimidation station’, ‘no play’in around’… you get the idea. ¬†From the picture below you can see that we’ve still got a … Continue reading

It’s a Game Changer

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It’s been a rough week. It started as a rough Monday and since it was a Monday I overlooked it, but then came Tuesday.  Then Wednesday, then Thursday…and finally today. I’m feeling more like myself again.  The rollercoaster of emotions … Continue reading

Christmas 2010!

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Christmas with my family is always the best time of year! We were all together for a whole week at my parents house in Arkansas and it only left me wanting more time and feeling incredibly blessed for such a … Continue reading

Love, Love, Love

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“Love, love, love, it’s all about love, love, love.” The song swirled in my mind as I made the drive back to Dallas after four relaxing days at my parents house.  My mom and younger brother had driven out to … Continue reading

Anytime: P & P Love

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Never were there children so blessed as to have parents like these! As much as I love the movie Pride and Prejudice that is not what the P&P stands for this time (though I dare say there might be some … Continue reading

Life in Pictures

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Review in Pictures… its been a busy last few weeks! October will be a big month! Working on lots of new photography stuff (more info to come)! The Texas State Fair is in town!  My 10 Year Class Reunion is … Continue reading

the stuff real lives are made of…

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The above pictures are of my grandfather during WWII. He was a pilot. This is my mother’s father and he is the man who gave me my first camera! Knowing my grandfather from my perspective I’m sure it is very … Continue reading

2009 Year in Review

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Number one reason I love blogging, because when I forget what has happened in a year I can just look back over past blogs (and journals too) and remember all that God has done. It’s funny how a year can … Continue reading

There’s nothing like family…

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This past weekend I flew up to Illinois for a family reunion and to surprise my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary! They knew their kids were coming, but did not know about all of the grandkids and great grandkids … Continue reading

Arizona adventures…

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Awh, my birth state! There’s just something about the midwest! Wide open spaces, mountains in every direction, no hiding trash or ugliness, snow and heat, a state that longs for rain daily, a state that holds a good portion of … Continue reading