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Sneak Peak: No Smiles

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In my family we like to call it ‘putting on your game face’. ¬†‘Get’in serious’, ‘get’in down to business’, ‘intimidation station’, ‘no play’in around’… you get the idea. ¬†From the picture below you can see that we’ve still got a … Continue reading

It’s a Game Changer

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It’s been a rough week. It started as a rough Monday and since it was a Monday I overlooked it, but then came Tuesday.  Then Wednesday, then Thursday…and finally today. I’m feeling more like myself again.  The rollercoaster of emotions … Continue reading

Christmas 2010!

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Christmas with my family is always the best time of year! We were all together for a whole week at my parents house in Arkansas and it only left me wanting more time and feeling incredibly blessed for such a … Continue reading

Love, Love, Love

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“Love, love, love, it’s all about love, love, love.” The song swirled in my mind as I made the drive back to Dallas after four relaxing days at my parents house.  My mom and younger brother had driven out to … Continue reading

Anytime: P & P Love

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Never were there children so blessed as to have parents like these! As much as I love the movie Pride and Prejudice that is not what the P&P stands for this time (though I dare say there might be some … Continue reading

Life in Pictures

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Review in Pictures… its been a busy last few weeks! October will be a big month! Working on lots of new photography stuff (more info to come)! The Texas State Fair is in town!  My 10 Year Class Reunion is … Continue reading

Summer So Far

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Right now I’m sitting trying to refrain myself from the yummy dark chocolate covered espresso beans I just bought to fill the empty candy jar on my desk at work. I got them with the sincere decision to not eat … Continue reading

A Glimpse at the Past

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After that last post including a picture from my senior trip, I decided I should post some on my high school days for kicks!  This will let you in on a little of my past and where I came from :)  Get … Continue reading

My Brother

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Many of you know that my younger brother has been in Cyprus since January on his second 6-month venture.  He went there to attend a discipleship program called Gateways Beyond and has had his life drastically changed again this year!  … Continue reading

manly men…

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Recently someone commented about my younger brother that he is a “manly man”. Yes. He is a man and he is manly. It’s true. Both of my brothers are quite manly actually. I had never had this thought about them … Continue reading

not enough time…

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I am finally finding a minute to breath! The last weeks have been great, but non-stop and I came back to an overwhelming amount of work and work outside of work! It’s simply just that I can’t find enough time. … Continue reading

Family, dogs and pancakes!

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I just found all these pictures from the last couple weeks. The first ones are from when my aunt, uncle, cousin and parents came in town. Great food and fun with the family :). (bad pictures i know) More to … Continue reading

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