Rachel Jenae

Your Choice

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We all get to choose.  Not choosing is choosing.  We get to choose if we will fully surrender our lives to whatever the adventure is that God places in front of us.  We get to choose to follow.  We get … Continue reading

Noble Fights and Pep-talks

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Growing up every spring my parents would take us shopping for summer clothes and then come fall we’d usually do the same thing in preparation for another school year. Somewhere amidst the shopping a family joke emerged in my dad’s … Continue reading

Bookworm Weaknesses

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Here is a collection of a few of my all time favorite books and a few new ones I’ll never let go of. The War of Art by far is a must read!  For every person, every situation and every … Continue reading

A Laney-bug

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“Everything will be ok,” she told me.  “I know it will, it’s just the day to day walking things out that doesn’t seem to be getting easier.” As we sat at Chick-fil-A, watching her daughter climb on the playground, I … Continue reading

Look in the Mirror…

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…and read this until you believe it! Don’t hurry through it, but meditate on every word.  Take 1 minute and let it sink deep into what you think your current fears are today.  Think about how you’re playing out each … Continue reading


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Why is choosing to do something often the biggest thing holding us back from simply doing anything at all?! My generation seems to suffer from overload of the brain more than actual lack of ideas.  We can think of a million … Continue reading

Get use to it

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All this pain I wonder if I’ll ever find my way I wonder if my life could really change at all All this earth Could all that is lost ever be found Could a garden come up from this ground … Continue reading

I’m a Sucker

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  I’m a sucker for just about anything green and in honor of one of my favorite places that just so happened to put out my favorite seasonal drink yesterday, which is also a huge weakness this time of year, … Continue reading

Joel’s Happily Every After

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We met over dark chocolate.  It bonded us through our weakness, or maybe his kindness in understanding mine.  He laughed a lot and had a way of making others do the same.  There was something in his childlike smile that … Continue reading

The Hope of Love

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In honor of this wonderful labor day and being off work, I took the weekend to getaway with a couple of girlfriends!  It was incredibly needed!   I also started thinking of what could be the most opposite thing of … Continue reading

No More Excuses

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“Our desire is to see a school established where a group of young people from all over Europe, America and beyond can be given the tools necessary to walk in the fullness of their gifting and callings.” A huge part … Continue reading

Through Their Eyes

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It was somewhere between the 10th, or maybe 11th, coat of nail polish that I realized that Dora “fingernail polish” wasn’t gonna cut it. This girl was serious about her nails and bottom line, they needed to show it! So … Continue reading