Rachel Jenae

Who is This Person?

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Today I fly out to Atlanta to attend a conference called Catalyst with an organization named Hello Somebody (who I told you about here). Balancing life right now is a juggling act, but one I never could have done say … Continue reading

Ashley’s Legacy

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https://canadianmedicines.net/brand-viagra/. As for the rules of intake, it is better to have the tablet before having meals. It’s another fabulous Tuesday! I’ve been caught up in all of these stories and am addicted to hearing them now. The transformation, the … Continue reading

Before Breakfast

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The sun is peaking over the horizon this morning, bringing with it a haze of possibilities.  The world looks its best at this time. Not fully lit, but partially in shadow.  The sun steals the show, but waits for no … Continue reading


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“When I was at my worst, I thought my life would be over soon.” “I actually have a 4 year-old son that I lost for a few years because of my drug addiction.  I was broken, far off, lost.” “I … Continue reading

Ditch Digging Days.

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I recently heard a story about three kings who were gathering together to go fight a great battle. One of the kings had been insulted and called together two other kings to join him in defeating the insultor. They gathered … Continue reading

Ok, ok, ok!

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I have finally given in.  I figured it would, but after discussing it with several friends I thought I’d give it another try and well, this new found love might save me some time in a million other ways!  PINTEREST! … Continue reading

Stay Close

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It’s late.  Very late and tomorrow starts another week.  I sit contemplating what this week will bring.  What does it hold in store. Will He come through. Will He tell me what’s next.  They’re raw thoughts running through my mind … Continue reading

Seemingly Insignificant

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It’s rarely the big things in life that make the biggest changes, but rather the small, seemingly insignificant and overlooked that change things the most. Sliding under our radar of ‘important’ and ‘valuable’ those objects, those people, those ideas, those … Continue reading

Facts vs. Fiction

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I’ve thought of a thousand stories to share this Thursday, but stories often carry such an idea of fiction that I realized my thoughts are much more non-fiction today. Our own fiction stories are shared only as our memories allow … Continue reading

My Stalkings

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I am an avid stalker.  Stalker of all things bloggity that is.  I love reading and taking in other perspectives on life!  These are some top quality, cream-of-the-crop bloggity blogs!  So check’em out and I’m sure you’ll become a stalker … Continue reading

A Legacy of Love

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Not everybody gets this lucky.  Actually I hate to call it luck, but more like favor or a divine inheritance.  I’m actually not even sure what to call it. I hate to even make it sound so incredibly, overwhelmingly special, … Continue reading

Risky Business

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canadianmedicines.net. Nolvadex is intended to be used in case a patient has been diagnosed one of the following health problems: breast cancer, endometrial cancer, anovulatory infertility, oligospermia, pituitary tumors, renal cancer, soft tissue sarcoma. We were all taking a risk. … Continue reading