Rachel Jenae

I’m a girl from the country who has managed to survive and live in the city.

I love change more than comfort. I relish in grace that makes me confident.

I cherish good friends more than wine and I rarely am at a loss for words.

If I could be anything it would be a hero! If I could go anywhere it would be Africa!

If I could do anything it would be to take my hand like a spoon and stir up complacent and apathetic people that can’t see or feel passion in their hearts anymore.

I dream to capture what others rarely see, and often forget. I hate boxes and I strive to break out of any that I have lived in for far too long.

I love C.S. Lewis and the way he manages to never stay on the surface of a matter, but still reaches those people who are.

I love Jesus and the way He broke the mindsets and world views of what the majority of what society thought was a must and in its place left a picture of compassion that has and will be forever remembered.

I love grace and how it took a girl who was hard, mean and judgemental and continues to change her into something beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by! -Jenae